Does He Even Workout ?

My brother is in good shape. I haven’t seen him in awhile but he’s been talking about being at the gym for awhile now so I’ve been under the impression that he’s been taking decent care of his body. We never really talked much but as of recently he’s been calling me while he’s at the gym. So I know he at least goes to the gym.

I just think it’s weird to talk on the phone while you’re at the gym. I understand if you’re on the treadmill or something but who would want to be talking on the phone with someone while they’re trying to max out their squats. But then, when I started spending twenty minutes, maybe a half hour, sometimes an hour talking to him on the phone…while he’s at the gym… I’m not convinced he works out. There’s no way. How can he work out if he’s on the phone the whole time?

I have two theories; one is that maybe he actually works at the gym. Maybe like he’s the guy that works there putting all the weights back people left on machines. Or maybe he goes around cleaning all the equipment after someone uses it. It would explain why he’s always able to talk on the phone with me for so long while he’s at the gym. And if that’s the case than props to him, at least he’s getting paid to be there.

My second theory is that he’s that weird guy that goes to the gym but never works out. He’s the guy you see filling the bench bar with all the heavy weights only to take a lap around the gym just to come back and remove all the weights he had just put on the machine. Maybe he doesn’t even work out at all, he just goes there for the clout.

Either way it’s uncertain whether or not he actually works out. I’m dubious for sure so please if anyone sees him at the gym working out please take a picture of him for me. It’s gotta be something more than him just walking on the treadmill or racking and un-racking a machine. There’s no way he actually works out.

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