Stealing Clothes

Personally I think it’s wicked attractive to see a girl wearing my clothes. By all means wear my sweatshirt, steal one of my t-shirts, and might as well toss on some of my sweatpants as well. I love that shit. Wear all of it and get over here and cuddle with me please

There is only one thing that has always and will always continue to baffle me. It hasn’t mattered if it’s a girl I’ve only known for one night or if it’s a girl that is just as crazy about me as I am crazy about her, they always seem to find a way to pick out my favorite clothes. Each time one of them grabs a piece of my clothing they somehow manage to always find the ones I don’t want to live without.

Initially I thought they kept grabbing my favorite clothes because I only wore my favorite clothes. Every time after I did my laundry, my favorite clothes would be on the top of my drawer. I then had this epiphany and made a change. I’ve started tucking away my favorite clothes, the ones I can’t live without, in the bottom of my drawer in hopes to preserve them.

You’ll never guess what happened next. These girls started digging through my draws, evidently searching for my favorite clothes to wear, finding the ones I love to put on. Somehow all of them find my favorite clothes at the bottom of my drawer. Even the ones that have only been to my house for a night.

It’s like they have this sixth sense of theirs. They can walk into any place, find your favorite clothes to wear, and steal them from you. Like I said, I have no issue with them wearing my clothes, I love that shit, but I can’t tell you how many of my favorites I have lost to these girls.

Some girls whose names I won’t ever remember are out there wearing some of my t-shirts as if it’s their own right now. They wear it knowing damn well they stole it from me. Some girls are out there wearing shirts of mine that I only wish I had now for this someone to steal. Some girls out there causing this huge hole in my wardrobe, stealing all of my style, that I can’t fill.

Somewhere out there someone is wearing my high school trade t-shirt that I was hoping to hang on to my whole life. Someone is out there wearing my favorite sweatshirt that I wore almost every night when I went out. Truthfully it just sucks knowing that they’re all out wearing my favorite clothes instead of me. Clothes that I can’t live without.

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