My First Trip

It was the last thing on my mind that night. All I wanted to do when I got home from work was relax on my couch. I had no intention of going to see a show on a Wednesday night. But when the girl who you’re crushing on ask if you want to go out with her you bet your ass I say yes to her. I can be easily persuaded. Her company was all I wanted and live music was just a bonus.

I had no intentions of getting as wild as I normally would at a show… It was still Wednesday night. Then she asked me one simple question, “Do you wanna do a tab?”

“Oh no not tonight” reminding myself that it’s still a Wednesday night. I wanted to say yes, but knew I should say no. She could see me contemplating it in my eyes. Which was exactly when she gave me her puppy dog eye’s back to me and asked me again if I wanted to go on a trip with her, and I couldn’t help but to say yes.

There we were in the back of an Uber, on our way to see Willow at her concert, with a piece of paper under our tongues dissolving for the entire car ride to the show. Once we arrived we swallowed what was left and headed inside. I felt fine initially while we were inside, but when the first act came on and they dimmed the lights and the music started blasting through the speakers, I realized we were there together. We were rolling together, she was surrounded by my arms in front of me, smiling just as goofy as I was just to simply be there together dancing.

It was a feeling I have never experienced before. I felt lighter, I was there in the moment appreciating every little light and smile that was at the concert. I was dancing with my hips on the girl I was crushing on, following her rhythm to whatever song whoever was playing.

I was lost in her essence, I was hypnotized by the stage lights, and couldn’t contain how gitty she made me feel. The entire night it felt like it was just her and I and whoever was on stage was playing for us. We were lost in the moment together without a care in the world. Proving again that when you’re having fun time flies. It felt like the quickest concert I’ve ever been to. Before we knew it it was over but we weren’t ready to call it quits.

In a way of refusing to let our night end so abruptly, we walked for twenty minutes together under the city lights back to our neighborhood. It was the most beautiful walk I’ve ever had. The way the city shined on her face seemed to enhance every aspect of beauty. Her smile sent chills down my spine that made me shiver. The way she was smiling back at me I couldn’t help but stare. The way she was grabbing my hand there was no way I was ever letting this go. Together we got lost in the clouds. It felt like we messed around and wondered our way onto this euphoria together.

We got back to her place and that was when I realized I haven’t just been tripping out with her but I’ve been tripping out from her all night long. I had been to her place before but tonight was different. Walking in there that night with her was like we were walking into our own little nirvana. It was just her and I and it seemed like the rest of the world was non-existent to us. We got lost with each other.

Everything that night back at her place was perfect. Neither one of us rushed our hands, our lips kissed gently, and our hands touched each other’s skin only softly. Our kiss ignited this flame inside of us. Neither one of us could take our hands off of each other. That night we got tangled in the sheets lost in the sixth dimension.

The whole night was perfect. Never have I ever been any higher in my life. We connected together on a deeper level than we already were on and in a way I never have before. Maybe it was just my first trip with that something real.

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