Green Lights

A few months ago I drastically changed my mind set. Instead of continuously reminding myself and accepting the fact that I had bad luck and would never catch a break, I started thinking optimistically, regardless of how my days go. When my day hits a speed bump, or is thrown a curveball, I don’t curse the world and complain about how much things suck like I used to. I’ve been practicing taking a deep breath and only worry about the things I can control.

I’ve only recently been able to ignore the little things that normally set me off and treat them like it aint no thing. I don’t fall into a dark hole when things don’t work out with someone I liked or when I get the shit end of the stick. I started forcing myself to accept the things I can’t control and enjoy everything else that I can. I’ve learned that all I can ever give to anyone or anything is my best and purest intentions, everything else is out of my control.

It has been the only difference I’ve made in my life and it’s made all the difference in the world with my life. I’ve found myself smiling bigger than I ever have before for a million different reasons rather than finding one reason to hate the world. I’m surrounded by family and friends that love me for the person I am today. I have a roof over my head and can afford to feed myself dinner each night. If I can do all that on my own, what the hell do I have to be upset about.

I have people in my corner that help me realize things don’t suck, I don’t have the worst luck in the world, it’s only just a bad couple of minutes. It’s bad luck and negativity I’ve been attracting to my life. Since I’ve made the change I feel like I’ve grown substantially as a man. I have people that love me and someone I can spend each and every night with. I have no complaints. The only thing that has changed has been the way I choose to see things, and that’s made all the difference in the world for me.

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