Bank Account Roulette

I have this terrible game I play called, “Check your bank account Sunday.” It’s wicked fun to play from payday up until Sunday when you have to see the damage the weekend cost you. Those three nights after Thursday’s pay day are nights I keep swiping my card, enjoying myself, oblivious to all the money I’m spending.

Then Sunday comes around, like a day where I actually have to pay for something that’s a necessity, like food shopping, is when I check my bank account. I wasted the whole weekend swiping my card for three nights, I only hope to wake up on Sunday mornings with enough money in my account for me to put food on my plate.

Each week when I play the “Check your bank account Sunday” game it’s bad. I have no idea how I’m able to keep a roof over my head with the way I go out on the weekends. It’s at the point now where I tell myself that if I don’t ever check my bank account, then I won’t ever run out of money. It’s like one of those out of sight out of mind things where I won’t ever know how bad it is in my bank account. I’d just never check it. I’d be naive to the damage I was doing and kept swiping my card.

This game I play is exactly why I’ve hated Sundays. I’d be so disappointed in myself with how much money I’ve squandered on the weekends, I had to find a way to avoid the Sunday scaries. I hated this game I created. All of a sudden it clicked, forget about “Check your bank account Sunday’s”, the only day I ever truly needed to check my bank account was on payday.

It never mattered how much I would spend or overspend from week to week. I was still getting paid each week, whatever I spent or over spent over the past week was completely washed away on Thursday when I got paid again. Just to do it all again next week. As long as I don’t go out spending a stack each weekend I’ll be able to stay afloat, pay my bills, and no longer have to play “Check your bank account Sunday.”

I get paid on Thursday. It’s all good.

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