Kids Of America

I love Charlotte. It’s a drastically different world than the one I knew back home. Since I’ve been down here I’ve been living la vida loca. I spend my weekends making all the wrong decisions, staying up until the sun rises, and sleeping less on the weekends than I do during a work week. Down here, I’ve been able to do whatever I want whenever I want and I love it.

I’ve been eating ice cream for dinner and having way too much sugar at night keeping me awake all night long. One thing I’ve been down here is that there are no parents. Like parents are nowhere to be found. If you see a set of parents out, typically they’re only visiting their kids, they don’t live here. Us kids, we ran this city. Just like in the Jimmy Neutron movie. It’s like total anarchy down here.

It’s like heaven for kids down here, there’s a bar at every corner, breweries on each block, and restaurants scattered everywhere in between. We make the rules down here. It’s our world, they’ve had their time, but down here, it’s our time. For three years now I’ve been living on my time. I’ve had no one to tell me right from wrong, I’ve had no one to disincline me, and I’ve been having the time of my life. I love it down here.

I can walk up the down escalator, I can wear clothes that don’t match, and hang my underwear from the flagpole. There’s no parents… I can do whatever I want.

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