I Hate My Alarm Clock

There isn’t a more dreaded sound in the world than the piercing sound of the default alarm sound the iPhone has. I don’t care who’s phone it is, or what time of day or night I hear it, each time it shrieks through my ears and tenses up my entire body. It’s easily my least favorite sound in the world.

Monday to Friday I despise having to be woken up by my alarm clock each morning. I hate it so much that I have to set three alarms for myself. I still find myself hitting snooze prolonging waking up as long as I can. I know my snooze is set for every ten minutes but each time I hear it, even though I know it’s coming, it shakes me from whatever doze I was in and snaps me back to reality.

Don’t even get me started on when I hear it during the day. It drives me crazy that some people use it as an alarm for a meeting they have to jump on, or as few guys use it in the morning so they can remember to wake their wife up for work, and I know some girls that use it as a reminder to take their birth control. I don’t care how or why you use it but no matter when I hear that alarm it makes me cringe and damn near shit my pants.

I’ve always hated my alarm clock, just now it’s for an entirely different reason. It doesn’t screech me awake from my sleep and remind me I have to get up for work today. Instead my alarm clock is a tragic reminder that I have to get out of bed and leave the person that means the most to me laying in bed while I go to work.

It reminds me that it’s time to leave our perfect world we created together and snap back to reality and go to work. I hate it. It’s a daily reminder that I have to leave you in my bed and go to work when all I want to be doing is spending my entire morning with you. With no alarm clocks ringing. Those are the days I dream about. When I finally make it to the day that stupid default iPhone alarm ring doesn’t scare me anymore.

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