I Wasn’t Expecting That

We had no reason to take our first date seriously. She was recently out of a relationship and I was filling my time making as many new friends as I could before my lease was up. We used to share the same complex but then all of a sudden I never saw her again. The only reason why we actually went on a date was because we both spent most of our time staring at each other while we passed through the halls and only recently found a way to break the ice. We made plans to go out that Friday night to see what that feeling was we felt in our stomach.

I don’t think either of us expected things to turn out the way it did. All it took was one second, that first second when she opened the door to her apartment and my eyes locked with her’s and the whole world stopped. I was lost staring into her eyes and ever since that first second, I haven’t been the same since. From that first moment when I saw her I knew it was something I wanted to have in my life.

Then all of a sudden one date turned into a two, then a third one, then a fourth, and now it’s as if we’ve become inseparable. We have sleepovers each night, alternating between her place and mine depending on who wants to cook that night. She’s someone that I want to wake up next to each morning and kiss good night to before I fall asleep every night.

I wasn’t ready for this. I put looking for love on the back burner until I actually found a home and planted my roots, I had no intentions of finding love. Then all of a sudden she happened and flipped my whole world upside down. Now it’s like home is wherever I am, with her.

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