How To Ask Someone Their Name Without Actually Asking Them

I’m terrible with names. I feel like I sound like a broken record mentioning it before I’m sorry. There’s no shot in hell I’ll remember someone’s name when they or they’re introduced to me for the first time. I know I’m reiterating but I am emphatic. I am actively working to be better at remembering and retaining peoples names. It’d be so much better to say hi to a name instead of “What’s up man?”

Since the last time I’ve brought it up I’ve figured out this flawless plan of how to always be reminded of someone’s name even when you have no clue. The only trick with this plan is you need someone with you. I don’t care if it’s a sibling, a friend, a girlfriend or what, the only way you can execute my flawless plan is with some help. All you have to do, when you cross paths with said person whose name you don’t remember, is simply introduce your sibling, or friend, or significant other.

Just say what you always do, “What,s up man…” and follow it with “This is (insert name and relation to you here)” Hence why I said you need a partner; you use them in a way for the person, you know you know but don’t know, to say their name once again for you as they’re forced to introduce themselves to your friend because you didn’t.

You can only use this line after you’ve met this mysterious no named far too many times to ask them for their name again. There comes a point when you get to know someone too well, too intimately to insult them by asking them what their name was again. When you find yourself at the point where it’s far too late to ask someone their name again, use this trick.

It’s had a 100% success rating so far for me. It’s at this point when people tell me their names, while I’m in a state I can coherently remember, It truly gets embedded in my brain. After this every time I see them it’s no longer, “What’s up man?” Now I can skip the bullshit and say. “Aye (insert name here) what’s up my guy?”

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