Saturday Nights

Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to connect with someone. It’s like everyones too busy doing nothing to ever go on a real date. It seems like they’d rather give you the run around instead saying, “No we’ll hangout for sure.” Instead of simply saying no from the beginning. If you’re lucky, like wicked lucky, they’ll let you take them out on a Tuesday night.

I mean I get it, I do. I have played the same game they’re all playing with us. I would always plan my dates with someone during the week, so I would have the weekend to go out with my friends and do the things I wanted. I didn’t just go out with someone I’ve only just met, or someone I only see when it’s dark. The weekend was my time to be me. It took significantly more than just a pretty face for me to commit to a date on a Saturday.

The weekend is my time. Call it selfish if you wish, but I’d rather go out to my bar by myself, than waste my Saturday night with some company I was skeptical about hanging out with in the first place. I’d rather give up my time during the week on a dinner date rather than on a Saturday night paying for an overpriced dinner with some drinks.

It’s like we’re all playing the same game. None of us wanting to give up our weekends with our friends for some Tony Tomato. The only way you’ll get a date on a Saturday night is if you have the balls to meet a group of eight girls dissecting your every move. The only way you will actually find yourself getting a date on a Saturday night is only after you’ve been through a Tuesday date, then a Wednesday date, and then Thursday date. Then and only then you’ll be eligible for a Saturday night date

That’s when you know things are getting real. When both people are giving up their own alone time to be with someone else. I mean, that’s what it’s all about anyway right, finding someone that we want to spend our time with. We all crave to have someone by our side while we go through this roller coaster of life, it’s just crazy all the hoops you have to jump through to get there.

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