Flag Football

This is different. It has been something different since the first moment I’ve met her. It was this good kind of different I haven’t been able to put my finger on. I find myself making dinner plans, going out for brunch, and staying up way too late just to see her for an hour before we go to bed.

We had something I haven’t felt before, something special, and it’s something I find myself constantly craving. I’ve become addicted to her, her smile, her kiss, her laugh, her intuition, her integrity, everything about her makes this all feel so different than everything I’ve known before I just want more of it. Here I am finding myself making plans to hangout with her for dinner, to go out with her while the suns still shining, and sharing the same bed as her sleeping through the whole day together.

I’m not waking up at the ass crack of dawn pretending that my flag football team (that I’m not a part of) has a game early this morning that I had forgot about. I’m not in a rush to get rid of her company, in fact I prefer spending all day in bed with her. Nowadays I spend my nights sleeping next to her with my phone on silent and my alarm off hoping the world forgets about the two of us so we can spend the entire day in bed together.

She doesn’t have me coming up with some bullshit excuse to get her out of my bed and out the door in the morning. Nor do I ever want her to rush out of my door in the morning. All I want to do is to find any and every excuse to stay in bed all day with her. Her presence around me because her vibe, her aura, has become something I think I’m addicted too.

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