Don’t Call Me

I don’t know if any of you guys saw my Spotify numbers last year but if you didn’t you should know that I’m constantly listening to music. The only time there is silence in my life is when I initially wake up in the morning and scramble to find my headphones on the floor by my bed, after I shut my alarm off. I start my day with music and even fall asleep to it. Seldom am I not listening to music.

I love music, anything and everything I can always get down to and groove to whatever playing. Except for opera, I can’t get myself to tolerate that style of music or art. If you’re playing any other style of music, you bet your ass you’ll find my foot tapping, paying more attention to the music then to whoever I may be talking to at that moment.

I guess it’s essentially why I hate phone calls. Nothing irritates me more in this world than when someone calls me while I’m jamming out. It’s nothing against talking on the phone, I love talking, it usually gets to the point where people find an excuse to hang up with me on the phone because I talk so much. But that’s when I call them, on my time, I loathe every other phone call I get. All people ever do is interrupt my music at the worst times.

More often than not I don’t answer and proceed to silence their calls so my music starts playing again. I always answer back with a text saying, “I can’t talk on the phone right now, what’s up?” I figure if things are that serious I’ll get another phone call, which would warrant interrupting my music to answer the phone, and if not it will be something settled over text while I can continue to jam out.

I’ve recently met a few people that use that voice message on their phone to communicate and I despise it. If I may be honest, I forgot about them rather quickly. I have never stopped my music to listen to a text message. That’s why it’s called a text message so I can read it and text back. There’s no way I am going to interrupt my music while I was at work to hear someone tell me something they could have easily texted me so I could keep on working.

There is no way I am ever going to listen to one of those. I don’t even see the videos my brothers send in the group chat because I’m too busy grooving to my music. I never stop my tunes to watch a video. The best way to get in touch with me is definitely not through a phone call because I won’t answer. All I ask is that you text me, message me, email me, hell send a pigeon if you so please, but for the love of God I beg you to not call me.

The only thing that I kick myself about wasting so much time listening to all this music is; What if I spent all that time learning a new language? With the amount of time I’ve spent listening to music, I would probably be fluently trilingual right now. And now I tell myself it’s too late to try, so I continue on listening to my music ignoring every phone call that comes my way.

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