Finding Parking

It’s been long overdue but I’ve finally got myself to hike one of the biggest mountains down here. It’s kind of hard to drive forty five minutes away to go hiking when you don’t have a car. But when my buddy, who actually has a car, asked me if I wanted to go with him that afternoon.

I couldn’t say yes any quicker. I sprang from the couch, raced upstairs to change, and ran down the hallway to his apartment eager to finally get out hiking. We hopped in his car, fueled up his car at the gas station, and grabbed us a couple of forties to have on the ride there. I couldn’t have been any happier that day.

That was until we finally got there and had to find a parking spot. The mountain was packed like a can of sardines. There wasn’t a single spot open. So my buddy proceeded to drive towards the front to see if he could follow someone to their car to leave. As we got closer I could see that there was a spot vacant right at the very front. The first spot.

As my buddy went to pull it, we both saw the sign at the same time… a handicap spot. That infuriated me and I couldn’t help but go on a tirade yelling out loud, “Why the hell is there a handicap spot at a friggin mountain trail? How the hell does that make any sense? How could someone who is qualified for a handicap spot, be suitable for a four hour, four mile ascend to the pinnacle of the mountain.”

Oh it got me so worked up for about twenty five seconds until a spot opened up for us about fifteen cars from the front of the trail. Once I stepped out of the car and twisted my ankle on the first rock I stepped on, I wasn’t stressing a thing anymore. I was in my sanctuary and I couldn’t have been any happier.

I still stand firmly by my statement; it makes no sense to have a handicap spot at a hiking trail. I’d rather see them reserve spots for family or people that take their kids for these intense hikes. I just don’t get why they would need handicap spots at the mountain.

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