Fit Bit

Our brother was down visiting for a week recently and unfortunately I didn’t have the week off from work, neither did my other brother. He kind of planned it on a whim, so needless to say he enjoyed his R and R and his time alone away from his roommate back home (our dad). While he was down here he got a gym membership for the week, did his workout everyday, and spent the rest of his time catching up on all his tv shows as my brother and I worked all week.

We didn’t get into anything too crazy, we watched sports, we played sports, and we played some Wii sports, you know typical dude stuff. We were just dudes being dudes again all week like we always did growing up and it was perfect. Not to mention we were able to go out together and watch Tom Brady’s return to New England and coincidentally we were cheered in all the Yankee fans’ faces as the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the playoffs. Like I said our week was perfect together.

I think it was the night we went out to watch the Red Sox game, we had just walked out of our apartment to go out and I realized I had left my wallet back at the place. Obviously something I can’t go out without so I told them I’d be right back and was about to run inside. Then My brother, being quick on his feet, said to me, “Hey can you wear my fit bit, I haven’t gotten my steps in yet today I could use the help.”

I burst out laughing not realizing that he was actually serious. I took his fit bit from him, slapped it on, and ran inside still laughing. For the rest of the night we kept on passing around his fit bit. Whenever one of us needed to go to the bathroom or go get another round of drinks at the bar, we all put on his fit bit and got his steps up. I actually think that night was a career high of steps for him. I’m glad we could all share that moment together.

It was a perfect weekend together and my brother was able to get his steps in every day, even if he spent it sitting on the couch all day.

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