Time Travel

We’re nowhere close to figuring out this whole time travel thing. If you ask me, who has the intelligence level of a freshman in high school, it’s impossible. I don’t think it’s something we could ever figure out. The idea is there, the theory of it makes sense, but in no way will we ever be able to execute time travel.

All I’m saying is that time travel is something that may never happen. Just like a dog on a treadmill chasing a bone, the world’s best scientists are racing towards an unobtainable task… Time Travel. I have no basis for these claims, I know nothing about time travel. All I know is how to put wires together and run pipes, but if you ask me there isn’t anything closer to time travel that we have on this planet, than music.

I don’t think there’s a person in the world who doesn’t hear a song come on and are instantly taking back to a time in their life reminiscing on what that song brought back them. I can’t tell you how often I find myself unfortunately listening to the radio and shuffle across a song that brings me back to when I was twenty years old with the girl of my dreams holding my hand in the passenger seat of my car.

Or when I hear my favorite dance song and my memory floods with all the times I’ve had with my best friend. Like that time we went to a silent disco, or the times we would just drive circles around town blasting it on repeat, we even at one point claimed that song to be our anthem. It’s crazy how music can bring back all those emotions so strongly, from such a long time ago.

Music is the closet and very well may be the only thing we have close to any advancements in time travel. It’s something I don’t think we’ll ever be able to obtain as humans. Nor do I think there is any better form of time travel rather than music. It’s nothing but pure blissful nostalgia. My mom sent me some old videos recently and it’s wild to me how something as simple as a song, or a picture, or a video, hell or even a voicemail, can take you back to some of your favorite moments in your life.

P.S. We, as humans, should definitely not time travel.

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