It Was Time

I’ve decided it was time for a change. I’m done with my long hair. It’s started to become such a nuisance not only to have it but also maintain it and I’m just over it right now. It’s been a long seven years together but it’s now become our time to go our separate ways. We’ve outgrown each other and things just weren’t working anymore.

I could never wear my hair down without my hair frizzing into a different area code. I couldn’t wake up from bed peacefully in the morning. Each time I got up from bed I would rip parts of my hair out from my head because it was always caught under my back and I’d get up too quick. I mean I don’t even know how to bun it anymore. It’s become evident that it’s time for me to cut ties with it.

I was hesitant to cut it at first but my mom, as always, had the right words to say, “You know you’re not tied to it. It’s something you’ve tried and now it’s time for you to move one. You’re doing what you want and that’s all that matters.” They were all the words I didn’t know I needed to hear.

She reassured me that it’s only a hair cut. It’s not something that’s going to last forever. If I want it to grow back it will grow back, if I don’t like it by all means I can shave it off and try again. I don’t think I realized that it doesn’t have to be my hair forever. That if I don’t like it I can just try it again or try something new. I guess I forgot how easy it is to start over and try something new.

I think today was the first time I realized I could do whatever I want. I can try this style, or that style, or shave it completely simply and try again. I’m not tied to anything. For the first time I think I’ve realized I can do whatever the hell I want. It’s my hair and I can do whatever I want with it.

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