To this day I have no idea as to why I was in such a rush to grow up as a kid. All I ever dreamt about growing up was actually being grown up. Like being out in the real world. I couldn’t wait to be living on my own, life without any rules, and no adult supervision. It was all I wanted and boy was I wrong. I was so naive back then.

Being an adult kinda sucks. I don’t know why the hell was I in such a rush to grow up when I was younger. No one told me how hard it is being an adult. No one told me being an adult would cripple my social life, limiting me to simply just working and staying in just so I can have a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. No one told me it was so expensive just to grocery shop and cook dinner can be. I don’t even buy snacks anymore not since they upped the prices for those sour gummies. No one taught me how to sign up for insurance or how to get going about getting a loan or whatever the hell a PMI is.

Nowadays I feel like I’m always saying to myself, “Man I wish I was a kid again.” Like why was I in such a hurry to grow up and get out of all those home cooked meals, my saint of a mom that would do all of our laundry, and my dad who if I worked with him on Saturdays, would give me all the gas money I’d ever need. (Since he never paid me to work with him this became my form of payment. Twenty dollars every time I asked him) Now, I can’t fathom why I wanted to grow up.

I hate adulting. If you had asked me at twelve years old what I wanted to do with my life I would have answered, “I can’t wait to be a grown up and out on my own.” If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ve been a pinhead my entire life. No wonder why I was such a fool for wanting to grow up so badly.

There’s really one thing I’ve learnt thus far on this planet and that is that ignorance truly is bliss. And might I say that when you’re ignorant and bliss, you’ll find a piece of euphoria, you’ll find your nirvana, and it’s the only time in our lives where we were truly happy. Before we cared too much about others and their feelings, before we started losing more friends quicker than we were making them, and before we had to give an arm, a leg, and our extra kidney just to pay rent for the year.

Take me back to my parents basement. Times were simpler then. Looking back at it now, times were perfect back then. I lived my life just as Timon and Pumbaa did, “Hakuna Matata.” Those were the days, am I right.

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