The Yips

Recently I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair. I don’t want to do it but I feel like I have too. There’s no way I was going bic my head. If I cut it, I’d probably cut it somewhere around the length Loki has his. It’d be a significant cut, almost like eight inches. And all because I’ve come down with “the yips.” I swear to you for the past four months it takes me about six or seven tries to bun all of my hair perfectly or I should say enough for me to be done trying.

It’s like I woke up one day and completely forgot how to grab all my hair, pull my hair elastic around all my hairs and bunching them togehter. Each time I do it I either; my hair falls out immediately when I let it go or I neglect half of my hair after I bun it and have to redo it again hoping to get all of my hairs this time. I don’t know, one day everything changed and I haven’t been able to bun my hair since. I have to cut it.

Just like Rick Ankiel couldn’t throw a ball in the water from a boat pitching in baseball, or how Markeelle Fultz couldn’t make a bucket even if his life depended on it in basketball, I’d have so much more time in my days if I just cut it all off. It’s embarrassing and honestly pathetic that I can’t bun my hair. Like I don’t even bother trying to rebun my hair anymore when I go out. If it starts to get messy or frizzy I just let it go. It’d be even worse to see a grown man take six tries to bun his own hair. I’d rather just deal with it’s mess.

It’s for that reason and that reason alone why I think I have to cut my hair. I have no right having such long hair if I’m incapable of being able to bun it on my own. I mean I wouldn’t go buying shoes with laces if I didn’t know how to tie my own shoes so why should I keep this long hair when I don’t even know how to bun it? I don’t even know how else to wear it but in a bun and now that I can’t bun it I have no idea what to do with it. I think it’s time for me to get a haircut.

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