Birthday Drinks

I’ve lived my whole life thinking that girls are the only ones who ever get free drinks at a bar. I can’t tell you how many drinks I see guys buy for girls because it was their birthday or if I was attracted to them. (I’ve done it once and immediately regretted it and have sworn to never do it again.) I am just now, after walking this earth for twenty five years now, have just found out that guys can actually get free drinks too.

The day I turned twenty six was my first birthday I think I actually went out for drinks by myself. I’ve always gone out with my siblings when it comes to my birthday, but at twenty six years old I, for the first time ever, went out to my bar for my birthday alone. I had got off work early that day and the only thing I wanted to do was sit on my couch and watch the football game. That was;t for another four hours, so since I had some time to kill, I figured the bar would be the best spot for me to fill my time.

I walked right upstairs at the bar to the rooftop and right there when I turned the corner there was a seat waiting for me at the bar, screaming my name. I sat down and could feel the good vibes starting to flow through my veins. The sun was shining, I was outside drinking at one of my favorite bars in town, and above all it was my birthday. Life was perfect.

Then my friend, who was bartending, started talking to me, catching up with each other, and until it eventually came out that today was my birthday. She then proceeded to buy me a drink, a strong perfectly made drink I may add, and my birthday officially began with a bang. It took me twenty five full years to get here but I’ve finally got myself a free drink at a bar and I was glowing.

Just as she was coming over with my free drink for my birthday, the guy next to me had simultaneously hung up his phone and asked me, “Did you say it was your birthday? Let me buy you a drink, man.”

In no way was I going to make this complete stranger buy me a drink. “You too nice man. I appreciate you, but I can’t let you buy me a drink.” And then we argued back and forth saying “No don’t buy me a drink.” and “I’m buying you a drink,” uI ended things by saying, “Ok if you buy me a drink then I’m buying you a drink.” He shook his head yes and my friend made us another round of drinks for my birthday.

We shared a few drinks together before he had to leave. He was good company and truthfully, that’s all I could ever really ask for. There I was at the bar and had two free drinks before I even opened a tab. It was two more free drinks than I’ve ever had in my life at a bar mind you. I was riding on such a high horse I didn’t want to leave the bar. Part of me wanted to stay there all night long, but unfortunately I wound up slugging down a few more drinks than I wanted to on an empty stomach and stumbled my way home just in time to slouch into the couch and watch the football game. I must admit, it was one of the more enjoyable birthdays I’ve ever had. It was nothing but good vibes.

P.S. I didn’t have to sleep alone. So all in all I’d say it was one of my best birthdays.

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