I Went On A Sex Date

This night wasn’t the first time I had sex but it damn sure as hell felt like it that night. It was just the first time since I lost my virginity that I actually made plans one night to have sex. I mean I’ve been foretaste enough to find time with a friend to hangout late, late, night but that’s different. That’s just good timing. This was something she told me we were hanging out Friday night so she could, “#&@+ me.” So there I was with plans Friday night to have coitus with this girl I barely know.

I must be honest though, as that day went on, the less and less I wanted to hangout with her that night. It wasn’t her or anything, I thought she was wicked attractive, I guess it was just the fact that we already knew what we were going to do that night, and it kind of takes all the fun out of a night out. It doesn’t interest me unless there’s some sort of spark between us and being attractive only builds the fire, we still have to light it. To me, that intimate connection is what it’s all about. Before I could even think of an excuse to cancel our plans, she was already driving up from out of town to see me. I couldn’t be that asshole and come up with some garbage ass excuse to make her turn around.

Instead when I got off of work, I made myself a mixie, packed a bowl, and did my best to relax a little before she finally arrived. When she finally arrived she could tell I had just smoked, wanted to get on my level, and start our night. So we proceeded to head upstairs to my room and pass it around a couple times before we went out.

Now we were ready to start our night. We went to the first restaurant we saw, ready to eat a horse, both well overdue for a meal. When we sat down I ordered a drink and she asked for a glass of water. All we cared about at that moment was eating. We barely made any small talk and asked without even caring for the answer, “How’s ten food?” We were there for one thing. It all started back when he sent an extremely blunt text to me about how she felt about me. Needless to say I was game and tonight was the night. We didn’t care to get to know each other. She literally refused all night to reveal any personal information or what she did for work. All we did at that restaurant was eat.

On the way back to my place we decided to stop at another bar for a couple of drinks to loosen ourselves up more. This was where we actually got to know each other, all we needed was a couple drinks. If we didn’t have those few drinks at the bar I don’t think I could have gone through with the night. It was because of our time last that bar that we actually connected intimately.

Once our conversation got dull, I wanted to capitalize on our connection, and asked her if she wanted to go to the roof of my building. The maintenance staff has been leaving it unlocked the past few weeks and I’ve been up there just about every night since. I figured it was something to do with her that would get us closer to my bed.

We waited until we were the only ones in the hallway and then climbed the ladder to the roof before anyone would notice. It’s not that crazy high of a vantage point of the city, but it’s clear enough of a view you can see the entire City’s skyline. Personally, it’s my favorite view of the city. It was so quiet, peaceful on the roof, and the city was always lit so beautifully it was a place of euphoria. I could see it in her eyes. She felt it too. I couldn’t wait any longer, she looked so elegant under the moonlit sky, I had to ask her for a kiss.

As soon as she said yes I grabbed her face and locked my lips all over hers. She kissed me back so gently and so intriguing I needed more. My hands slid down her body, my lips kissed their way to her neck, and she wrapped her hands around me. My hands were glued to her body and my lips only left her skin for a breath of air. She was looking over my shoulder staring at the city off into the distance and when my hands finally slid down into her pants she moaned into my ear and asked, “Can we go inside?”

Initially, I was skeptical about this entire night, I wanted to cancel those plans that night, but after those couple drinks at the bar paired with that moment we shared on the roof, I knew it was going to be a night I’d always remember. It was the first night since I was sixteen, I actually made plans with someone for a night with our only intention were having coitus. I think in that moment, I realized how intimate that connection truly is. In no way did I intend to hook up with this girl on a whim, and I wouldn’t have gone through with it if we didn’t create some sort of spark between us. It was then I had the epiphany that it really is all the same in the dark. I’ve made plans to have sex twice in my life and the time I did it with someone I was in love with is bliss, it’s far more intimate and electrifying than with someone you barley know.

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