Mr. Fly

Ever since I started buying fresh fruit and vegetables I’ve started to notice some flies in my apartment. I killed most of them and honestly was starting to feel like a terrible human being for the fly genocide I went on I decided to let one live la vida loca in my apartment with me. I know he’s here alone because I made sure I got all of them but him.

I was under the impression that he would die of natural causes or make his escape from our apartment within the first week of his freedom. It’s now been almost a month and a half and he’s still here partying with me. In a way it feels like we’ve become best friends without even speaking a word to each other.

I think he understands what I did for him by sparing him his life. He has to remember me slaughtering all of his friends. I think that he must feel like he has no choice but to be my friend. Either way for a month and a half now he’s been annoying the shit out of me hovering over my hair sitting on my hands and flying in my eyes, and truthfully he’s starting to grow on me.

I used to sit on my couch and watch tv, but now when Mr. Fly comes flying around I shut the tv off and talk to him about my day. I don’t know if he feels like he has to listen to me or if he genuinely cares, but he hoovers there and listens to everything I have to say. Mr. Fly is one of the best listeners I’ve ever met.

By now he might know me better than anyone else on this planet and I have this funny feeling that I know him better than anyone else on this planet too. He’s become my best friend and I’ve definitely grown attached to this guy. I love Mr. Fly and I hope he never leaves me.

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