I Started Wearing Diapers

I love concerts, as does just about everyone else that has walked this Earth does. I’m just such a sucker for live music. I don’t care what kind of day I had, being out surrounded by people that are all enjoying the sounds of whoever playing blasting through the speakers is heaven on Earth to me. They’re freaking awesome and truthfully one of my favorite places to be.

Which is kind of ironic because ordering a beer and taking a piss at concerts is my own personal hell. Nothing sets me off more than the minor inconvenience of having to wait in line to empty the tank and to grab a new beer. It’s the one and only thing that I hate about concerts. I”m fine with someone bumping into me and spilling a little beer on me, I don’t even mind holding my pee in for a full set, but once you start making me wait for longer than I need to in a line, I get pissed.

Finding a way to beat the beer line was the easier problem to solve and honestly more prominent. All I had to dot o solve my problem was to start hiding a couple nips, or airplane bottle as they say down here, in my socks and man pouch. As long as I go through the pat down, I had all my drinks for me to drink at my leisure and pull them out whenever I was thirsty. Just like that I wasn’t waiting in a line for another drink anymore. It was awesome but unfortunately for me though, it made my pissing problem more way more of a problem.

I have always done so well holding my piss in through the concert, but now with all the extra drinks I’ve been able to put down since I’m no longer waiting in lines, have cause me to break my seal far earlier in the show then I was used to. Irritatingly enough causing me to spend more time waiting in the bathroom line. I’ve only recently figure out how to solve this issue of mine… I started wearing diapers to concerts. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Instead of having to rushing to the bathroom like I used to, to empty my tank, I can now comfortably piss in the comfort of my own diaper, without missing a beat. I can stand there in the crowd, urinate for a second, and get back to dancing without anyone knowing. I then proceed to slow down on the drinking, enjoy my buzz, and get lost in the music blaring through the speakers.

There’s only a couple flaws I’ve noticed in this whole diaper experience and one of them is you only get one use out of them. Once you piss in them once, you better hope you can make it to the bathroom before you do it again because a double dose of piss in some of those things will leak. Trust me I’ve been there. The other flaw is getting the diaper off. I usually go in for my second piss as the show finish and I’m ready to go. The worst part about the diaper is taking it off in those disgusting piss covered flows in the venues bathroom. There hasn’t been a time I’ve felt more awkward in my life than after a concert when I was butt ass naked to take my diaper off standing on a full roll of toilet paper just to stay dry. If you can deal with all that then I guarantee you, you’ll enjoy the concert experience a million times better. You’ll no longer have to wait in any lines anymore and that’s the best part.

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