The Broken Hearts Club

It seems like most of us share the same story. It seems like most of us have fallen in love before. A love that was honest and pure. One that on some days it may feel like we can’t find ourselves getting over it. A love that we don’t believe we will ever be able to replicate, memories that we won’t ever be able to recreate. It seems like most of us are out here going through the motions, with a broken heart.

It’s like we’re all looking for love at all of our worst times. Everyone seems like they’re all still too broken to give anything a real chance. Half the people stay inside hoping they’ll never break their hearts again, while others are out their heartless saying they will never fall in love again. We’re all stuck in this love paradox and at times it feels like we’ll never be in love again.

We’re lost in this superficial world where we have the convenience of swiping left or right on whatever our type is or whatever we’re craving that night. In a world with the internet and so many ways to connect with people it feels like we couldn’t feel more divided. We’re stuck inside judging books by their covers hoping that one day we’ll find love again. All from the comfort of our own homes and in the palm of our hands, we spend our nights alone on the couch swiping right in hopes of finding something real.

Does anyone go out hoping to make a real connection anymore? Are we lost in a world where the only place you can find something real is on something as fake as the internet? How have we got this whole thing backwards? Sometimes being out at the bars feels like high school and the only way you’re ever able to meet a new group of friends is if you know someone in the group. Otherwise you’ll be online swiping right until you find someone online or you’ll be alone forever.

Some world we’re living in.

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