Maybe I’m Haunted

I wouldn’t say I believe in ghosts, I feel like that’d be an understatement. I know they’re real. There’s no way they can’t be, but I must be honest with you, I haven’t personally seen a ghost per say, but I know for sure they’re around. I’ve been in some sketchy areas and have definitely felt someone’s presence lurking around me. I didn’t live there but I’ve been there, to this place maybe fifteen minutes from where I lived that was a converted psychiatric ward that has now become a condo. I can assure you that that place is certainly haunted.

The first time I ever had an experience with a ghost or someone from the other side was way back when I was twelve years old, in middle school and had one single pub finally growing. My friends and I were out one night at someone’s house playing all their board games and drinking them dry from all the soda and CapriSuns their parents bought for us. When we finally got bored playing Chutes and Ladders we decided to spice things up a bit and try talking to the dead.

Someone had just seen it done with some friends or something and was eager to try it with our group. Me being the pussy that I am, wanted nothing to do with it. I was ready to call my mom to pick me up, but after being peer pressured and essentially bullied into it, I caved and sat down completing their circle and holding the peoples hands next to me.

We had to all sit there and picture a door. Once the door opened we were able to open our souls to the other side welcoming whatever spirits are lurking around us. All our doors opened and we were among the souls. We had an Ouija board in front of us and were able to ask the spirits we met yes or no questions and get their answers. We asked all sorts of things like “Are you a good spirit or a bad spirit?” or like “Are any of us haunted?” and even “Have you ever killed anyone?” All of their answers to our questions freaked me the fuck out.

I was done with it, I shut my imaginary door into the other side and quit their game and went home. They tried to play again with me a few months later and I was not having it. When they tried to force me back into the game I threw a fit. So much so that I even cried, sat upstairs with our friend’s mom, waiting for my mom to come get me while they talked to the dead downstairs. I did it once and I was mortified. Never again.

I’ve also a handful of friends who have said they’ve seen ghosts and some that say they even live in some haunted houses. They say that sometimes things are moved when they wake up, sometimes the tv turns on, and the house is always creeping. All definite signs that a place is haunted and everything I want to avoid.

As of recently though I’m starting to think that I’m the one that’s actually haunted. I wake up at three thirty in the morning, give or take ten minutes, everyday. For a while I just thought I was wicked good at waking up before my alarm went off in the morning. Now thinking about it, I think I’m haunted.

Looking back on that time I lived with a cat, it was always up at three thirty in the morning with me, staring up into the corner of the room. There I was thinking that this cat was possessed or something when in reality it was essentially warning me of this spirit lurking above me. I think that was the first time I realized I was haunted.

I proceeded to look into it a little bit more and found out that three thirty in the morning is the Devil’s hour. An hour when supernatural activity is at its highest and I have been waking up at that hour for almost ten years now. Unless someone put some voodoo curse on me like Madame Zeroni did to the Ylenats family, I’d say that I’ve just been haunted my whole life. Coming to terms with it now doesn’t make me feel any better about sleeping alone in my bed. I’m so much of a baby when I wake up at three thirty now, I tuck myself into the corner of my bed in the corner of my room and lay on my back for another hour until my alarm for work awake and on the look out for ghosts. That way I can see the ghost if it finally decides to reveal himself. We’ll meet one day Mr. Ghost Sir.

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