How I Ended Up At A Wedding

I went out on a date Friday night to this place just a little further up the street then my bar that I usually go to. As you know I try my best not to shit where I eat. Hence why we met at some spot I never been, all I knew was it had bowling. I’m a huge bowler and I’m always down to toss a few strings but I never want to be there. Not after I found out this place only had duckpin bowling. The worst kind of bowling there is if you ask me.

But if she wanted to bowl, I guess I would have done it with her… being the gentleman I am. At least bowling wasn’t all this place had to offer it surprised me when I looked it up. Evidently it was also a pour house with like fifty taps ranging from craft beer all the way to sangria and some wine. It kind of felt a little bit like heaven when you see it for the first time. Or at least that’s how I imagine what heaven feels like. When I first saw this place it actually brought a tear to my eyes. And to put the cherry on top, they have this huge outdoor hangout area with two corn hole games set up and plenty of seating for everyone to spend a night.

This place had it all and I couldn’t wait to be there with my date. She was beautiful. I was trying to be late so that way she would make the decision for us on where to sit. Instead I was there first and had to make that decision. As I walked in the front door, the guy working the lobby asked me if I was a part of the wedding party. Which I wasn’t a part of so I had to make sure we were still okay to drink downstairs and he said, “Of course Just let me lock this in real quick.” After he finished locking in his bet for the Sixers game he gave me my wristband, scanned my card, and I ran downstairs to fill my cup and find us a spot outside to hangout. It wasn’t long after me until she arrived and our date finally commenced and we were on our way. Well so I thought.

The date didn’t go well at all. It seemed like I was just boring her with all my questions trying to get to know her. Needless to say throughout our whole date I sat there envious of the wedding party and how much fun they were having. I wondered how much better my night would have been if I simply just said yes when the guy asked me if I was part of the wedding. It would have been better than the two hours we spent sitting across from each other at the table outside.

Naturally, I took it slow the next day. I slept in and strolled down to the pool sometime after lunch with my book and a mixie ready to relax and start my day. I only got about two and a half pages in until the guy sitting next to me asked, “Hey bud, what book are you reading?” I put my book face down on the chair and made a new friend, by simply connecting over my book.

We talked about our favorite books for a while, we talked comics, we talked about why we were in Charlotte, and eventually what we got into the night before. Turns out he was in town for a wedding that weekend. The same wedding party that was having way more fun at that bar than I was last night. As soon as he heard that he was like, “Dude you should have just partied with us, it was an open bar.” I knew I should have just partied with them.

Him and I hit it off at the pool. It was like we were long lost best friends or something like that. So much so he actually invited me to the wedding. It was an ex of his or something like that and he was more than willing to dish out as many plus ones as he could. “Come on, there’s gonna be an open bar at the wedding too, it’s not fancy like a black tie wedding or anything. I’m going straight there from the pool.”

I was sold as soon as he said it was an open bar. I was like, “Hell yeah I’ll come to a wedding. You really don’t mind.” He shook his head no and gave me a high five and yelled, “Let’s go.” I went back inside, put on wedding crashers in the background, and got myself all dolled up for whoever’s wedding we were going to.

The wedding was beautiful, as they all always are. The bar was right next to the douchebag table where we were sitting and I couldn’t have been happier. I love weddings, forever and for all eternity they will always be a good time. After we stuffed our faces with something I can’t remember, he and I flooded the dance floor and danced our asses off all night. I came in there hoping to pull some wedding tricks like they did in the movie and find myself spending a night with a bridesmaid. Instead I ripped the top three buttons on my shirt, lost my suit jacket, and danced all night with my new best friend.

Who was unfortunately only in town for this wedding, so a best friend that I may never see again. A best friend whose name I don’t even know. All I have is the pieces of the weekend I remember. I don’t remember much from the wedding, but I know it was a blast because I left that place soaked in sweat. I couldn’t speak or move for the entire day after. That’s how you know it was a good time when you lost your voice and your legs are too sore from dancing, and the world’s spinning uncontrollably under your head in the pillows. Those are the sure signs of a good time. I love weddings.

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