My Fly Episode

I think we can all agree that the episode “Fly” in breaking bad is one of the worst forty seven minutes we’ve ever spent. Probably the worst episode of tv ever created if I must say. It was boring, it meant nothing, and had zero relevance to the plot. It was simply a filler episode or bottle episode as most would say.

Last week I had my bottle episode. It was my filler week. I was away for work and found no time to sit down at my computer. I had no time to get out any of the things I wanted to say, and no time to give an actual effort to this. I scrammed and found two barely decent stories I wrote and rolled with it. I honestly never even proofread them.

Last week wasI took the easy way out and pulled two stories out of my ass and posted them just to post something. I apologize for the dullness I presented you guys with. There was no context and no story behind any of them, not even a laugh. I apologize to whoever wasted their time last week reading those terrible stories. They aren’t anything I’m proud of and something I spent the weekend drinking to forget.

I’m sorry, last week was terrible.

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