One Date Wasn’t Enough

It was a real date. Like with someone I met organically, like in person. Somehow thought I was cool enough that she gave me her number and a yes to a date with me. We made plans to hangout on Friday but as I always do, I was running late and was scavenging calling every restaurant wondering how long their wait was. When each call did not prevail, I decided to be the man in the situation and asked her if she simply wanted to go out in her area and just, “wing it.”

Somehow she was cool with my initiative. She told me to wait a second so she could see if her friend was working around the corner from her place. She was hoping that he could snag a couple seats at the bar for us… I guess it’s all about the people you know right. I mean I had no complaints, by the time I finished my last drink, she texted me, letting me know she had two seats for us at the wine bar near her house. I couldn’t have been happier.

I’ve neglected to say that this girl, who actually went out with me, is one of if not the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. By far one of the most attractive girls that have given me the time of day. She is and will forever be way out of my league. She had no business being out with a guy like me and that is exactly why I treated it so seriously, like a real date. I knew that if I had any chance of leaving an impression on her and to get a second date, I needed to pull out all the stops.

It didn’t help that when I showed up to the bar to meet her that she was the most attractive girl in the room. I was speechless before I even made my way over to her at the bar. Somehow I was lucky enough to be the one siting next to her. I awkwardly sat down at the barstool without properly saying hi to her first. I then stood up and tried to redeem myself by kissing her on the cheek thinking I was some sort of classy gentleman. I was off to a great start. Then she made a terrible mistake.

She laughed at one of my jokes. That’s the quickest way to boost my ego and slowly give me enough confidence to be myself. Each joke I cracked or an asshole statement I said that she found the humor in and laughed with me let me be more and more myself as the night went on. And let me tell you, there was nothing cuter than her smile while she was laughing. All I wanted to do was keep her laughing all night. At the very least I needed to keep her smiling because her smile is one of the most captivating smiles I’ve ever seen. She has one of those smiles that makes you forget about all your worries and that everything else in the world exists.

That whole night still feels like a blur. It went far better than I thought and her smile has left an imprint in my mind. I don’t think I’ve got enough of it. I mean her beauty is one thing, but after we spent four hours together at the bar talking to one another, all I wanted was to hear more about her. Her beauty catches everyone’s eyes, and she’s so nice she is welcoming to everyone else, but her intellect and her integrity stretched way further than what’s on the surface. She’s the most beautiful onion I’ve ever met and I can only hope, wish, and pray that I can get another night with her and peel back another laying. Because that one night was not nearly enough time with her.

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