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We got to the bar late. The live music was just wrapping up and there wasn’t an empty table for us to sit at. So we took our beers outside and burnt down a couple cigarettes while we let the music fans clear out. By the time we finished our cancer sticks and were ready for another round, people started funneling out. It timed out perfectly that when we went back inside to re up, there was an empty table waiting for us right by the bar.

My brother and I planted our lazy ass on those two chairs for the rest of the night. The only time one of us got up from the table was either for a drink or to take a piss. We couldn’t risk losing our table this late in the night. It was only him and I for a while but when the owner came in and saw us, our party grew. He stopped to hangout with us for a little while and share a few laughs. Our dive bar was hosting a bachelor party. Which isn’t that weird but it definitely wouldn’t be the first stop on a party, but to each’s own right. The weird part about the whole thing was that they had also brought along this large blow up doll out with them sitting on a chair at their table. I guess that would be why they chose to drink at our bar… it’s lawless.

Right before the owner had to leave, a group of our friends walked in simultaneously and claimed the extra seats at our table. We originally were only going to stay for a couple beers but as soon as they ordered us all a round of shots I knew it was going to be a long night. Which I was totally okay with, I’ll never pass up some good company and a free shot.

For a moment it almost felt like I was king or some sort of A list celebrity with everyone coming up to us at our table to hangout with us. It made enough of an impression on the people at the table next to us that they started looking our way. Just as their eyes were looking my way, my eyes kept on finding their way to their table, locking eyes with one girl, over and over again.

That’s all it was. That’s all I knew to do. I’m too much of a pussy to grow a set of balls and actually talk to a girl. So instead I find myself simply doing that, staring at her from a distance, hoping that she may actually say something to me because Lord knows I won’t. After about fifteen minutes of eye contact she got up from her chair looking my way. I saw her make her move to walk this way towards me and quickly looked away, pretending to be in conversation with everyone else, like I didn’t notice her coming this way.

When she got to me she came out and asked me one simple question, “Do you like guys?” My heart was devastated, I thought she was coming over here to talk to me, turns out she was only here asking for her friend. The question didn’t bother me at all, it wasn’t the first time I’ve been asked that. This has happened to me countless times before, you can even ask my siblings. Needless to say, I didn’t find the situation awkward at all. It just sucked because at that point I realized she wasn’t into me, her friend was.

“I’m sorry no I’m into girls, but they say guys have the best taste in men so seriously I’m incredibly flattered. Thank you.” As much as this happens to me I still don’t know what to say but I know that being called attractive by anyone will boost anyone’s ego. It definitely boosts mine every time. Except for that night. That night I was really into that girl that had her eyes locked with mine for the past hour.

“You really don’t like guys?” She asked me again.

I don’t know why they always ask twice because my answer never changes. “Honestly I’m flattered, I love being called attractive, I’m just into girls you know.” And that’s when things took a huge turn.

“Good because I’m actually the one that thinks you’re cute.” As soon as she said that I knew my face turned red. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel my cheeks radiating heat. “I can’t believe how comfortable you were with all of that.” Her smile, when she got closer, made every hair on my arm reach for the stars.

I was speechless. “It happens I guess.” was all I could say. I guess I handled it well enough for her to deem me cool enough to spend the rest of the night with. A night I won’t ever forget. With someone who I will never forget.

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