Silent Disco

One night I had dragged my friend to come into town with me so we could hit this silent disco thing I saw online. I knew very little about it, he knew nothing about it, all I knew about the silent disco was that it was something for us to do on a Tuesday night. I invited my buddy over when I got out of work so we could pregame a little and get ourselves loose for whatever the hell we were getting into.

I drove us in. I figured if we were going to be dancing the entire time, I wasn’t going to spend much time drinking as I normally do. Between the mixies we had at my place and the jizzy I had cruised with on the way in, I was beyond ready to dance until my shoes fell off. When we got in there it was just as any other dance floor I’ve been on. People were dancing in their circles of friends bumping into each other left and right. There was something different about this dance floor but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t until my buddy pointed out that there were no speakers set up at all by the dj. As we were walking around the dance floor, checking in to get our headphones, we could hear everyone’s conversation as if we were a part of it. There was no music playing out loud, except for the music in their headphones. Everyone who had them on was screaming over the music in their headphones to talk to each other.

I thought it was hilarious and instantly fell in love with the silent disco. We grabbed our headphones from the table and quickly made our way to the middle of the dance floor. I couldn’t get there fast enough. I was wicked excited to be dancing. After playing with the headphones for a little while we realized they gave us all individual volume control and three stations to choose from that we can dance our asses off too.

One station was the best classic rock, yacht rock playlist I’ve ever heard, another was one full of all your classic dance songs to get the people going, and the third was this bubble gum EDM electronic thing which I was all over. It didn’t matter what station you were playing, they all had us grooving and shaking our tail feathers.

My buddy and I were getting a kick out of how off rhyme we all were. I could see his headphones were lit orange, which meant he was listening to the classic rock. Meanwhile I was dancing on the blue electronic station and he was nowhere near the rhythm I was dancing to keep up with. That moment then sparked our entertainment for the rest of the night.

We made it our mission to influence the crowd and get them listening to whatever channel we were on. We were having way too much fun just dancing by ourselves, we wanted to incorporate everyone that was there. We would shuffle through the songs periodically or as songs were ending until one of us found a song we loved. Without saying anything, since we had headphones on it wasn’t like we could hear each other, we communicated by dancing.

If we were searching for a song to dance to, we could tell, because when it was a song that we loved, our hands came off the head phones and we would let loose. We’d be dancing so passionately with smiles on our faces having the time of our life and it seemed to be contagious. People would notice us dancing and switch to the same color station we were on.

We kept on doing it all night, looking for the best song to get down too. As soon as one song was ending him and I both would go searching for the next one for us to bust a move to. It got to the point where it wasn’t just him and I doing it anymore but everyone who had shown up was now joining in with us, searching for the next song for us to dance to. We danced for three hours in a silent room full of strangers, where none of us spoke a word, and I don’t think I’ve had a funner time in my life. I love dancing.

I should have prefaced this but dancing is my favorite thing in this world. I’ve been having my own silent discos every day since; in the shower, at work when no one is watching, or at home while I’m washing the dishes. The silent disc has become my favorite thing to do since I went there years ago and I’ve been itching to get back to it publicly rather than only in my bathroom. I can’t wait to dance again.

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