How Do You Spend Your Money?

In a way this whole quarantine thing has kind of shaped me into more of an introvert rather than an extrovert like I thought I was. It’s become so easy, almost so natural now at this point to stay in on my couch rather than go out. Why would I want to go out anyway? I have everything I need all within the comfort of my apartment, I had no reason to go out.

The only time I’ve been going out has been to my bar that opened up outside our apartments. It’s not actually my bar, but might as well be with how much I invest in them every Saturday night. I don’t own it, I’ve just been there enough that we’ve gotten to know each other more so than just a familiar face. I don’t have to ever wait in the lines for a drink and if I forget to close my tab they just leave it open knowing I’ll be back soon enough.

It’s like home to me, that’s exactly why I called it my bar. I don’t even count it as going out anymore… it’s home. If I am ever lucky enough to score a date with a friend on a Saturday night, you can bet your ass that is exactly where we are going. For me it was perfect and I had no idea how lucky I was with having the bar so close. All I had to do that night was pay for my date’s three dollar mixies all night and keep her laughing and hopefully I could get a chance to have a sleepover with her. Which if I’m lucky doesn’t cost me one of those atrociously overcharged Uber rides with their late night surcharge. Instead, if I was ever lucky enough to get more time with them, it was a free two minute walk home to my apartment.

I had it made, life was good, and while I was still going out every night, I was actually still saving money by not paying for any of those overpriced rides. Then one day I saw myself in the mirror and could see the man I was becoming. Merely just a poor old soul in a young man’s body living his life in one bar being a townie. I almost felt pathetic, that was when I knew I had to make a change.

finally opened my mind back to how it used to be, like the extrovert I am, and decided to start venturing off to other bars again. Naturally I would always start at my bar before I would go out to loosen up a little. Or until I find a friend that actually wants to hangout with me. I then called one of those overpriced Uber rides and headed towards the city.

Three minutes and twenty seven dollars and fifty two cents later I was standing outside the bar pulling out my ID to get in. I quickly made my way to the bar in the back of the place to help with my cotton mouth and ordered two mixies, one for me and one for her of course, then walked around the bar to go find her. It didn’t take me long to find her but since the bartender had made the drinks so weak, I had accidentally finished one of the drinks and pretended like I had only bought one. As the gentleman I am we proceeded to go back to the bar I was just at so I could order each of us another drink.

We spent the night together sharing laughs, taking shots, and got lost in each other’s smiles. When last call came around she was more than ready to leave with me right by her side. Immediately I closed out our tab at the bar and met her out in front of the bar. She had no intentions of letting our night end and asked me if I wanted to come back to her place for another drink.

I would never say no to another drink and promptly called us a ride back to her apartment. A minute and a half later and twenty two dollars and sixteen cents we were finally at her apartment. She led the way as I followed her up the garage stairs two floors to her place. As she walked in she went right for the kitchen, grabbed two empty cups from her drying rack and opened the tap to pour a cup of water for us. Instantly we started chugging to quench our thirst. When we simultaneously both put the cups down on the table at the same, our eyes locked, and like magnets we were instantly drawn to each other.

We spent another hour in her bed getting to know. She got to know the best of me and I think I got to know the best of her. When we both got tired, and started falling asleep next to each other, I realized it was time for me to go. I pulled out my phone only to be crudely woken up by it’s brightness and once again was calling for another ride. This time to go home.

Two and a half minutes and thirty dollars and eleven cents later I finally got home and was laying in my bed. After seventy nine and seventy nine cents later and almost fifty dollars in drinks I found myself laying in bed curious, how much does a prostitute cost? Let’s say they’re two hundred dollars for three hours. (Honestly I have no clue what their rates are) Perspectively speaking, I spent almost a hundred fifty dollars to hangout with a friend for three hours before I finally got to share an hour with her and by all means was it incredible. But comparatively speaking I’m just wondering which one, financially, makes more sense because thinking about it now I don’t mind being that old soul that hangs out at the bar buying a girl drinks and getting to know them hoping to find something pure and something real.

At least that way I’ll be spending all my money and mainly time on a real connection rather than paying for someone to be there. I can’t get myself to do any of that stuff without any real connection. I’m just asking the people that have those special friends they have to see late at night every week or the guys that run to the “bank” at nine o’clock on a Saturday night, how much do you guys spend to be with someone? Is it even worth it, because if you ask me I’d much more prefer getting to know someone before I kiss someone.

I’ve just come to realize that either way, technically speaking, we’re all paying still paying for sex. Us single guys in many different forms, the guys in relationships in their own respective ways, but either way we’re paying. I guess it’s just a matter of what you prefer; someone that you’ve gotten to know and found a true spark with or someone that is there just to love you for the hour because you’ve paid them to be. To each’s own I guess right, one way or another we all want to be loved.

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