Why Do We Do This?

There isn’t anything that irritates me more in this world than when my brother ties a knot on our bags of fruits and veggies. For starters; I have no idea how to tie a knot to begin with and secondly I’m even worse at trying to undo them. As far back as I can remember I always have had my mom there to always help me untie my shoes, the bread, and even my bathing suit when the knots became too tight. I still ask for help whenever she’s around. I’m the worst at untying knots and I don’t know if it’s because I bite my nails or for just lack of common sense but I suck at it.

I just don’t understand why he does it. I mean I think the most logical thing to do with all of our fruits and vegetables is to toss them in the two bottom drawers of our fridge. We designate one for fruits and the other for all of our veggies. As far as I know there’s no reason to suffocate them or deprive them from any air flow inside a tied bag.

Think about it, we pick out, individually, every single fruit and veggie off an open rack specifically, to put in our carst to take home. Every one of them has been sitting on the shelf or in a box with some oxygen holes for them to breath since they’ve been gleaned from their receptive farms… So I ask you, why is it when we find the ones we want to take home, we instantly tie their bag into a knot, sealing them from the world.

There’s no reason to tie them in knots and stuff them in the back of the fridge. Let’s ignore the fact that I’m only saying all this to justify my inability to unite knots and understand, there’s no reason he has to tie such tight knots on his bags or any knot for that matter. We don’t remove the strawberries from their containers and immediately toss them in a bag to rot. Now we keep them in the same container we bought them in and eat them for weeks until they’re gone, or rot.

There isn’t any other fruit or vegetable we give enough respect to let breath on their own. As soon as we bring them home we squeeze them in a bag and let them rot until we’re ready to cook. We’re assholes for no reason. There’s absolutely, positively no benefits to sealing off the fruits and veggies. Unless my brother just enjoys how much it stresses me out when I can’t untie the simplest of all knots when I’m setting up to cook.

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