Why Do All These Go In The Fridge At Home?

I’ve never been much of a condom guy myself. If I were to put anything on a burger it’d be some barbecue sauce. There’s no way I’m letting any ketchup or mustard or any other kind of condiment get anywhere near a burger of mine. I like what I like and I do everything I can to enjoy my burgers the way I love them.

The only other time I ever find myself using a condiment is at breakfast and that’s if you can even call it a condom, and that is syrup. I love that shit. I’m like and elf except with only two major food groups candy, (no candy corn or candy cane for me) and syrup. As many pancakes as I eat in one sitting, if someone was to take a blood test of mine prior to high noon that day, it’d tell you that I’m composed of about sixty percent syrup. I use a lot of it.

There is one thing that both barbecue sauce and syrup have in common that perplex my mind and throw it in a pretzel every time I go to buy them; why do we buy them off of a random warm shelf but refrigerate them when we bring them home? Is it something my mom instilled on me or is it something we’re supposed to do once we break their seal. Are they going to go bad quicker once we open them and putting them in the fridge is the only way to prolong their inevitable demise?

I don’t get it. I don’t have any way of making it sound intelligent, I simply just don’t understand. Even at restaurants you never see them pull their sauce or syrup out of the fridge, more often than not they have them all ready to go in a cup at our disposal. So why the hell do we have to refrigerate them when we take them home? Or is it just something weird that I was raised on doing like eating frozen Eggo waffles straight frozen from the freezer?

I don’t doubt that may just be something weird that is unique to my family, but just give me some sanity, am I the only one that refrigerated the condiments we find sitting in the seventy five degree room we’re buying them from or does everyone else do that? Why do I do this?

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