Best Movie Of Our Generation?

We all know the High School Musical trilogy is one of if not the best trilogy out there. You can argue Star Wars, or The Dark Knight, or even Back to the Future all you want but High School Musical has it all. It’s jam packed with a love story we can all relate to, all the fun times and connections we had in high school, and has one of the best cinematic soundtracks to date. I’d stand by in saying it’s the best trilogy out there.

Personally I like them one, three, and two, in that order. I think two has the worst soundtrack but I have a buddy of mine that argues it’s the best of the three. I think I’m just a sucker for the love story and think one and three encapsulate all of it making them their best movies to me. That’s without me even acknowledging the glow up my girl Vanessa Hudgens had from the first movie to the third movie. In the first one I had a huge crush on her like a childish middle school crush, just as Zac Efron did. Then when she yelled my name in the opening scene of the third movie and I saw it for the first time, I fell in love with her and to this day, she’s had my heart everyday since. Unfortunately she didn’t see all the dm messages I sent her on Instagram and she found some knock off version of me to date. It still kind of hurts.

That’s besides the fact, because there is one crucial flaw in the first movie. Zac Efron doesn’t sing in that movie at all. We have Drew Seeley to thank for all those iconic jams that we all sing along to in the shower. Eventually we do get Zac to sing and he doesn’t fail to disappoint. The only disappointment is the fact that he doesn’t sing in the fist movie. Because in my opinion the first one has some of the best songs in the whole trilogy.

So I ask what’s more synonymous with High School Musical than The Start of Something New or Breaking Free? Is there another song in that trilogy that stands out like them, or that gets you up off the couch and on your feet like they do? They’re easily the best two songs in the trilogy. Dare I say it maybe even ever in cinematic musical history! So I ask you which one is better: The Start of Something New or Breaking Free?

If you’re asking me, it’s the Start of Something New. I mean it’s the first song they sing together. It’s the first song in the entire trilogy. It’s literally the inception of when things started for them. How could there be a more pivotal song in their trilogy than that? The way they looked into each other’s eyes when they were singing, how incredibly beautiful Vanessa Hudgens lookeed, made my sixteen year old heart melt and helped me pitch the first tent I ever had. Every time when Zac Efron tosses his coat, and gets real into it, it pulls me in immediately. I’m up off the couch dancing and singing along to all of Drew’s words. For the next ninety minutes I don’t check my phone once and in that moment I kind of feel like a part of East High.

I’ll gladly argue with anyone who wants to about their favorite feelings on their top trilogies or their favorite songs in the movies. I mean there’s nothing to complain about when it comes to the High School Musical movies. Anyone that doesn’t like them is either heartless or a liar because those movies are awesome. I mean anything starring Vanesa Hudgens for six hours and fifty minutes is plenty enough of an excuse to get me to spend the day on the couch. I haven’t even brought up the fact that I own a couple of the sing and dance along DVDs too. Hell I’ve started making watching those movies into workout now. Every Tuesday and Thursday I cleanse my body, sweating out the devil’s juice from the night before, while getting down to the Sticking to the Status Quo. I love to pop and lock and jam and break just like she does in the movie. I’m not nearly as good as she is but in due time, with all this practice, I will be one day.

What’s your favorite song from the greatest trilogy of all time?

PS At least I can still hear Vanessa Hudgens say my name over and over again. I love the way she says my name.

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