We Should Get Bunk Bed

My brother and I have spent an intimate amount of time together over the past year or so, considering. Sometimes we spend more time together than we’d like to admit. And without one of us moving out it looks like we’re going to be stuck with each other for the foreseeable future. So I figured since we’re going to be stuck here together in our apartment, we might as well make the most of it.

I haven’t run it by him yet because I had to get it all out into words first. I think him and I should get bunk beds. We can toss them in my room upstairs and tuck them away in the corner. It’ll leave us plenty of extra space for both of our bureaus and even a desk for him to set up shop if he wants. I don’t mean to brag but my room is perfect for us to sleep in, far better than his current room that is. He has this window encompassing his whole wall that faces due east. He wakes up every morning as soon as the sun peaks over the trees. I am on the other side of the apartment without any windows in a dungeon. A far better place to sleep if you ask me. He’ll finally be able to sleep in on the weekends.

Why do I propose bunk beds you may ask? I guess I’ll ask you why not? I don’t mean to quote Step Brothers but the reality of it is, we’ll actually have so much more room in our place for activities. I mean I know for a fact the Wii sensor will read my impeccable bowling skills better if I can stand a little further back from the tv. I can also finally play twister the right way. We barely have enough floor space to lay out the twister mat in our living room. It’s getting annoying playing out here because the circles are so close to the walls everyone winds up cheating during the game. That would also be better in a bigger place so we can serpent the men from the boys.

We don’t even need to use it for games, just imagine how dope of a man cave we could set up if we got bunk beds. We turned that whole other bedroom into a movie theater, or maybe get an air hockey table, or if we’re feeling athletic, we could even put up a mini basketball hoop and set up a little indoor bball court.

The opportunities are endless, we can literally do whatever we want with that extra bedroom. All we have to do is sell our mattresses and buy ourselves a dope bunk bed. We can have nerf gun wars, we can play dance dance revolution, or have a three point and slam dunk contest. Yeah it may suck sharing a room for a little while but it’s not like we haven’t done it before. We shared a room up until he went away to college. I’m sure we can do it again. Plus it will be way worth it when we have an entire new room to create. We’ll be having so much more fun “staying in” now.

I think we need bunk beds. And now that we’re talking about it, I got dibs on the top bunk.

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