A Car Accident Is An Omen

I finally pushed myself to plan a date with someone. This time I took the initiative and picked the day and the time but made her pick the place. We made plans to hangout Thursday night around six thirty since everything closes so early, it’s become the new nine o’clock. Initially that day as my morning progressed I had no issue with the time we planned to meet. Work seemed to be a breeze, but as my work day went on I realized rather quickly that my day was going to be longer than I thought.

After my two hour longer of a day I rushed home, made a mixie for the shower, smoked a bowl, and I got dressed as quickly as I could to make up all my lost time getting ready for my date. I figured I’d do the responsible thing, since I already slugged a couple drinks while I was getting ready, and called an Uber for a ride. It said it was about ten minutes away and would be dropping me off eight minutes after the time we initially planned. I was on pace to be late for the date I planned. Strike One.

I was fortunate that she picked to meet at a bar that was across the street from her house so my inconvenience was no problem with her. She had no intention of getting up from her couch until I texted her that I was there. I guess me being late seemed to be irrelevant to her, just as long as I don’t stand her up. Which would be damn near impossible if you ever saw how beautiful her hazel eyes were through a picture. You would do everything you could to make that date happen that night. Like I had to do.

I got in my ride with my driver $%**#*. This guy was wicked chill, he could smell the weed on my clothes and asked me if I had any extra to share with him. I was already faded enough to not be nervous on the first date, I didn’t want to be too far gone by the time I showed up. So I lied to him and said I had nothing on me.

We had barely made it two blocks from my apartment until we got rear ended waiting at a red light. It wasn’t bad but it was hard enough to propel my unbuckled body into the back of the passenger seat in front of me. Instantly I got out of the car, canceled my trip, and tried to book another one. I had somewhere I needed to be. When the girl who smashed into us saw me on my phone she jumped out of the car quicker than I did and started begging me not to call the cops. Trust me lady, the cops were the last thing on my mind. I was trying to go.

I don’t think she realized I was in the back of the Uber she just hit. Like this wasn’t my car. She rear ended a car at a red light, she is at fault there’s non if ands or buts about it. I had no ties to the situation I just had a date I was getting later for. I checked to make sure my boy $%**#* had it all under control. I made sure he was good with me and proceeded to call another ride. Once I found a driver it said he won’t be here for another twenty minutes making me almost a half hour late for my date. I couldn’t wait that long, so I said fuck it. I canceled my new ride and high tailed it two block back home so I could grab my truck and drive myself. Strike two.

It was the first time in a long time I had to actually be responsible and had to refrain from binge drinking. To compensate I figured I’d take a couple extra hits from my one hitter to keep me loose on my way over. I made it to my date eleven minutes late. I almost made it here in eight but I had to cycle the block a few times to find a spot.

I told her I was there and waited for her to cross the street to meet me at the bar. I know I had to be awkward when I first saw her. I was playing out the situation when I first saw her in my head, trying to find the coolest way to be cool and smooth, but when I actually saw her I panicked. I didn’t say anything, I went in for a hug then stopped, saw she was going to hug me back, and then went back in for a pity hug just because we both had our arms open. I was already off to a poor start.

Then when we walked into the bar and saw the wait, we looked at each other and thought this was way too long to wait for a drink. I think we found the most crowded bar in her neighborhood. This was where I had to be a man and take responsibility. So I offered her a ride in my truck and drove us to another bar in search of a drink. I guess that’s one of the perks of being responsible, we can drive anywhere else and still make things work.

I ended up taking her to my local watering hole a couple blocks from my apartment. One of the few places I was comfortable at. It wasn’t busy at all and we were able to walk right in, grab a couple drinks, and sit at a table across from one another. Personally I think I had the best seat in the entire bar. I was sitting across from this incredibly beautiful girl, who’s smile, when she smiled, would send chills down my spine.

Unfortunately she only wanted to share one drink with me… Strike three. I closed out the tab and drove her home from what I thought was a great first date, aside from the abrupt ending and all. She kept smiling and laughing the entire time in my truck on the way back to her house and I had to believe she had something going on. That’s why things have ended so quickly because I thought things were going splendidly. But when we got to her place and her laugh died down, and she turned down a kiss I realized, I didn’t pass her test.

She didn’t deem me worthy of a kiss. All I wanted was a kiss from her, I’ve had enough dates that have escalated to the bedroom that have never amounted to anything. I was on a real date with someone, actually doing my best to impress them, which I thought I was doing, but I couldn’t end up making an intimate enough connection with her to warrant a kiss.

I felt like I failed. Like I was boring and couldn’t impress her. I should have known the Uber accident was a bad omen for the rest of my night. There was so much potential, so much hope, and it all seemed to just crash and burn in the end. I actually gave it a real try that night. I refrained from drinking excessively, I drove and opened the doors for her, and kept her laughing all night. But Somewhere along the line I messed up and bored her.

Her loss I guess. At least that’s what I say to myself. I’ll just have to be better next time I grow enough courage to go on another date.

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