When’s The Last Time You Used Cash?

Does anyone carry cash around in their wallets anymore? It’s got to be a tough time to be a mugger nowadays. I mean more often than not they’re probably working at night rather than the day so it’s easier for them to run and hide. If somehow they successfully steal a wallet or someone’s purse without getting their ass kicked, by the time they would have gotten somewhere safe or to their getaway car, you could have already called your bank and cancelled all your cards. It has to suck when the thief opens the purse and realizes the purse only contains an I.D. and a few credit cards. It’s completely cashless. When they wake up the next morning ready for a spending spree with their new cards, they’reunaware they have already been canceled, leaving them a sitting duck as soon as they swept the card. It’s kind of an obsolete job now, a lost trade if you will. It just hasn’t aged well with the times like; bowlingalley pinsetter, or an elevator attendants.

There’s no reason why anyone has to carry cash around anymore. We’ve all succumbed to relying on our cards. Hell now we’re even transferring money through our phones with apps. We don’t even see the cash anymore. I want to say I started off as a cash guy strictly. I wanted to be a cash guy. I just couldn’t hold on any longer. I hated having to always be the guy that had to stop at the ATM before we went out to the bars to pay for the cover. I became an inconvenience for all my friends. I hated all that spare change that accumulated in my car, it just took up space. The only use I found for it was throwing it at my friends when I saw them in traffic. I mean I can’t throw them away, that would be a felony. I’m not able to change it out for cash unless I put all the nickels, dimes, and quarters into the bank rolls themselves. I wasn’t wasting my time doing that. It became a lurking annoyance of having so much useless coins cluttering my car’s floors, seats, center console, and even my cup holders. It’s that sole reason why I switched to using my card. I don’t have to worry about change spilling out of my pocket covering my seat anymore. I don’t have to hear an orchestra jingling in my pocket while I walk anymore, and I’ll finally be able to have my bureau empty free from petty cash on my dresser.

I’ve come to realize the only time I’m ever carrying cash on me is when making horrible decisions. I can only think of three times I have cash on me and only one of them is for a productive reason; when I need it for someone’s birthday card, when I need it for a cash cover at the bar, or when I’m meeting my guy. Other than that, I’ve become predominantly a card guy, but if you found me at the right time you very well could make out with a couple hundred bucks cash in your pocket.

I guess I’m just now wondering where all the cash has gone. Do the police let like one dealer get stacked up with cash so they can raid them, take their cash, and hoard it all in the evidence rooms? Do people keep cash stock piled in a safety deposit box? Where is it all? I can assure you that I don’t have it and that no one’s wasting it, burning it, or throwing it away, so where is it? All those coins they’ve printed, those aged, frail bills that have been through the wash too many times, where are they now? Down wishing wells, in collector books, or have they been melted in a landfill, burned, ripped up, and completely shred to pieces or reprinted?

I’m just saying I know where my cash goes, I’m just wondering where the rest of it is.

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