Pros and Cons Of Long Hair

I can’t believe I’ve been growing out my hair for almost five years now. I remember one day way back when, when I became to cheap to pay twenty dollars for a haircut. I’d be a lot cooler if five years later I could tell you a bought a house or a boat or even an island with all that money I saved growing out my hair. Unfortunately that’d be a lie, all I have to show for it is my long hair that has more dead ends and unhealthy hair rather than healthy.

That being one of the major cons. I had no idea I was suppose to maintain this. I thought I could just grow it out and never touch it again. I’m reminded every time I try to put all my hair in a bun of all the little baby hairs on my sides and the back of my neck that rescue to join my bun party. They’d rather roam free all out of control having a party on their own.

Another thing that tends to really irk me is that I don’t know how to wear it down. The only time it looks half decent down is when it’s still wet after the shower. I don’t mean to brag but it’s I look good. Sadly it nerve last long because the longer I leave it down the puffier and fatter and wilder my hair gets. If anyone has any recommendations or products that would help me tame my curly mess on my head please let me know.

One of my favorite things about my long hair is that it gave me the ability to wear hats again. I was eighteen and wearing snap backs like I was in middle school, pinching the hat to barely catch two buttons. Without my hair my head is too small for any hat. Luckily since I’ve decided to grow out my hair I can now incorporate some hat swag in style now. Plus it hides most of the hairs that don’t want to join the party in my hair bun.

I’d say the next biggest benefit from my long hair is that I have a blackout curtain everywhere I go. If the shinning is brightening up my room through my windows and I’m too lazy to get up and lower the shades in the morning, I just flip my over my eyes and bang, it’s dark again. I can sleep he rest of the day away or at least an hour or so until I can’t hold my mooring pee in any longer.

I can’t say right now whether or not the pros out weigh the cons or vice versa. I don’t think I’ve taken care of my hair well enough to give an educated conclusion on it. But I must say I do love it. And I’d love it more if someone could hook me up with some hair products or teach me how to braid my hair. I need help taming this monstrosity on my head.

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