What Tv Show Intro Do You Have To Watch Every Time It Comes On?

Ever since Netflix started showing up, we’ve become spoiled with the amount of tv at our finger tips. We can essentially been anything we want whenever we want commercial free and letting us skip the redundant intro of shows so we don’t have to watch it twenty three times for six seasons.

However there are some shows that we hold to such regard and others that have been put on such a pedestal or I guess too iconic we can’t skip. It’s almost like out of respect for the show and our passion for the show we find ourselves obligated to watch it. We all have that one show that we can never skip the intro of.

There’s only a few shows that I absolutely love, and about five that I can’t find myself skipping no matter how many times I watch them; The Sopranos, Entourage, and Cheers. Before you judge me let me tell you that rounding out the top five for me were Sons of Anarchy and Californication. Cheers just merely beat out Sons only because Gary Portnoy song for the intro is nothing short of a jam.

I’m not one to gloat but if you ask me that’s solid top three. I’d say it’s respectable. I mean as much as people love The Office and New Girl (Personally favorite) we don’t watch their intros. We skip right over them every time so we can start laughing at the show we love oh so much.

I’ll watch the intro to those shows religiously. They’re all way to good at encapsulating the entirety of the show in just about a minute immediately as each episode starts. I can never skip them.

What shows do you find yourself watching the intro too?

Ps don’t forget about Peaky Blinders

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