Settling Down

They call it setting down. You know like when you finally get married to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Settling down. That petrifies me. Essentially settling down means getting married by your thirties, a home you can call yours, and a kid proceed within a year with your spouse. It gets to a point in your life when you’re old enough and people expect you to settle down. I don’t want that. I don’t ever want to settle for anything.

All I ever want to do is live my life to the fullest. I wake up everyday excited to have so much time ahead of me to make the most of it. Whether I’m with a friend, or at a bar, or simply watching the game on the couch I do my best to just enjoy it for all it is. It’s gotten to the point now I enjoy silence. I’ve never found myself doing anything I’ve never wanted to or because I’ve been obligated too. I’ve made my own mistakes, made my own bed, and know exactly what direction I’m heading and I’m not settling down.

I’m looking for that real thing. That thing that keeps you up at night when it’s not around. You know that things that we’ve all have been dreaming about our whole lives. I’m hoping to find someone that wants to jump in the passenger seat with me and live life in the fast lane. Someone who will be up with me until the sun comes up on Sunday refusing to let our nights end. Someone who listens to me not just so they know when it’s their turn to speak but listens to me to understand me.

I’ve seen first hand people I know settling down in every sense of the word. I have some friends who got married because it was the only next step to do; they already bought a house together, they have a dog together, it was either a kid or a wedding ring. I’ve seen too many of my friends doing it out of obligation or picking up the pieces after a divorce in all to settle for anything.

I only want to get down on one knee for someone that wants to live life to the fullest knowing damn well that any day could be our last. Someone who wants to make the most of their time.

I’m nerve going to settle down, not until I find exactly what I’ve spent the last twenty five years dreaming about. That thing thats so special I can’t even put it into words when I call my mom. I won’t stop looking until I find my perfect match. I guess when that day comes you could say I settled down, but trust me my life won’t be slowing down. It’ll only be getting started.

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