A Tattoo And A Date

I’ve been long overdue for a tattoo. I just said fuck it and call the shop to schedule the first averrable appointment they had with my guy. I booked a Sunday at noon and couldn’t be any more excited for it.

The shop has been open during all this covid madness thank God. Their only stipulation for staying open is that everyone has to wear as mask and they’re not doing any neck or facial tattoos.

That was no issues for me. I already have to wear a mask all day at work so the mask was no problem. I also haven’t quiet figured out what I wanted to get on my neck yet so it bought me some time to figure that out.

That Sunday I woke up hating the world with a pounding head ache. I woke up just in time to race downstairs, grab my mask from my bureau, and make it to my appoint across town. I was just hoping my blood alcohol level has diluted enough for my guy to do his job. I really wanted another tattoo.

Fortunately I was good to go and my blood was no issue. Unfortunately I had grabbed and old mask instead of one of my pristine ones. I didn’t realize it until I tried it on at the tattoo shop when I coughed, almost gaging at the smell of it. I remembered the last time I wore that mask was when I had a sleepover with my friend. I remember after we had ourselves a morning she rushed me out the door and I slapped my mask right on my face and hopped in an Uber.

That was a full week ago and I’m currently basking in the her smell from that night. It got to the point where I got so used to the smell and in a weird way I started to enjoy it. I started thinking about that night we had together and started craving for more of it. Every time I took a breath to tay alive I was hit with her aroma and would get lost thinking about her. I spent the entire time in the waiting room thinking about her. The only time I pulled out my phone was when I wanted to creep on her Instagram.

The best possible thing happened when my guy tattooed me. He had me roll over, onto my stomach so he had a better angle. It was a blessing from the Gods. I wore the joggers that were on my floor and would have had a difficult time hiding the tent pitched in my pants. When he asked me to roll over I tucked my lunchbox between my legs and assumed the position on my stomach for my guy.

I laid there face down, half chubbed, with my eyes closed dreaming about last week. My guy was all business that day and wasn’t much for my conversation. Which was better fro both of us because my mind was in a whole other place during that session.

The first thing I was going to do at work Monday was grab myself a new mask. The next thing I’m going to do is call my friend from last week and see if she’s around this week to grab a drink again. She’s been on my mind for awhile now and I could use some more time with her.

PS We ended up making plans for Saturday. I was just as excited to see her as I was for my tattoo.

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