My Grammy Ruined Italian Food For Me

It’s impossible for to me to encapsulate how incredible my grandmother has been for all of us growing up. She has taught us all about love and family and exactly how important it is. That’s why for almost every Sunday until I was I moved she cooked us Sunday dinner.

For as long as I can remember she’d wake up every Sunday at the ass crack of dawn, say her prayers, and then head straight to the kitchen to start cooking the gravy. Once that sat on the stove and after she hand rolled about three dozen meatballs by hand , she starts making her rounds calling around the family to make sure everyones coming over.

We’d fill her house with laughs and smiles and stuff our faces with enough food to feed an army. She had the full spread every week, cutlets, meatballs, lasagna, pasta, some fresh bread, it was enough to put you in a coma for the next two days. On top of that, she’d make enough for all of us to take home left overs for the next three days. She spoiled us in way more ways than I’d ever know.

Since I’ve moved down south it’s been damn near impossible for me to find a decent Italian meal. I oncer ordered a chicken parm from a restaurant under the sandwich section on their menu the other day and they served it to me in a hamburger barn… I was mortified.

I’ve pushed myself to taste a few other restaurants, see if they had anything tolerable, but have yet to find a decent meatball. My grandmother has ruined it for me. I haven’t found any meatball that comes close to as mouth watering, as elegant, as perfect, as my grandmothers. I don’t even order meatballs anymore when I’m out. She ruined it.

Don’t even get me started on the gravy. Nothing compares to hers. She gave me her recipe but I know there’s something she’s not telling me because I have never made it as well as she does. Hers comes out so thick, so savory, it’s make you want to go back for two or three more plates than you actually need. You just can’t get enough of it. Her sauce is heaven sent.

My grandmother has completely tarnished Italian food for me. I don’t enjoy going out for Italian food anymore unless it’s out to someone’s kitchen and I’m the chef cooking it. Otherwise I’d rather eat anything else.

I can only eat her receipt for Italian. Like I said I’m nowhere near close to as prestigious as she is but it’s better than most of the places I’ve tried down here. Maybe I’m just a little bias, I don’t mean to sound cocky, but I don’t think I’ve had any Italian food that compares to hers. She’s ruined it for me… I think forever.

PS. It’s at the point now she’s asked the nursing staff to stop serving her pasta and gravy on Italian nights. Instead she wants just a plate of boiled pasta so she can put on her own gravy. I guess she’s ruined Italian food for herself too.

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