Bingo Night

It was just an ordinary Wednesday. I almost forgot about it until just before noon when I got a text from my friend asking me if I was still free later to hangout. I had made plans with her, someone I definitely wanted to hangout with earlier in the week, but had completely forgot about them during my hectic day at work. Fortunately she remembered for us and I proceed to rush home from work to get myself ready to see finally meet her. I made myself a couple mixies, smoked a bowl or two, and filled my stomach with two perfectly grilled cheeses before I ran out the door to meet her.

I’m still getting used to thing whole going on dates thing. I’m not very good at getting myself ready or staying committed to plans. Especially those randoms night during the week I decided to plan a date days ahead of me. Up until she texted me all I was thinking about at work was going home to sleep. I had no desire to leave my bed. But when she texted me that we were still on, I heard a voice in my head say, “Just do it.” So I said fuck it and committed to my plans with her.

Prior to that night I’ve only seen pictures of her online and her name whenever she decides to text me during the says. I’ve only recently started to get to know her for the person she is and now that I’m on my way to hangout with her I couldn’t be more excited to meet her. I told her I’d be waiting inside at the bar because it was far too cold for me to be outside. I hate the cold. That’s why I moved a thousand miles south.

I was sitting inside by myself at a table for four. There was about six other tables filled with couples and first dates like I was going to be. For about fifteen minutes I sat there alone finishing my beers waiting for my friend to show up. It didn’t take long for me to noticed the bar we planned to meet at was doing musical bingo that night. I figured that was perfect, if conversation ever got dull or if I ever got too boring I could just ask her if she knew the song or if she had bingo yet to keep her from dreading her time spent with me.

When she finally walked in, wearing her mask and all, I was completely taken back by her beauty. Her eyes stood out past the mask and her physique as she shinned as she walked in. It shames me to admit that I keep meeting all these girls online because these pictures don’t do any justice for their beauty. Pictures never do any justice for anything.

As she walked in I managed to get myself out of the chair and stand up while I greeted her with a kiss on the cheek introducing myself to her for the first time. I let her know I had a tab open at the bar and told her I was going to hold down the table while she got a drink. I was too nervous initially to hold conversation with her so figured it’d be best for me to wait there.

She came back to the table with her mask off, sipping her freshly poured IPA, ready to let loose. Initially it was her smile and her eyes, but once she put her drink down on the table and sat down next to me, that’s when she really started to pull me. She was cute there’s no doubt about that, she wasn’t as nearly as nervous as I was to be there, I’m certain about that, and her smile was beautiful. All I wanted to do all night was stare at that smile. I made it a point that night to make sure I kept her smiling the entire time.

We wasted our night pretending to play bingo and simply getting to know each other intimately. Either one of us could have been sitting on the winning bingo sheet worth twenty five dollars worth of gift cards for some six packs from this local brewery. Instead we spent the entirety of night ignoring every song that was played and told one another about the shoes on our feet and the beds in our rooms. She was incredible and after hearing how strongly she was standing on her own too feet, almost as far from home as I am, made me completely infatuated by of her. She was doing far better than I was with her life and I admired that about her.

She was a far better girl than someone that should be wasting their time with me. I felt like I was grasping at straws hoping to keep her attention all night. I thought that every smile she had, every chuckle she let out, was phony. My mind was convincing me that she was only laughing with me to be nice and to make me feel like things were’t going as terribly as I thinking. Then bingo ended, the bar was closing, and out of some sort of miracle she wasn’t ready to let the night to end.

It was barely ten o’clock neither one of us were ready for bed. I just knew I had to at least chug a couple waters before I went to sleep if I wanted to be functional at work tomorrow. Just after I closed out my tab at the bar and got back to our table, presumingly to say goodnight to her, she asked me what I wanted to do. Inside I was screaming for her to come over for s drink, or go for a walk, or anything to prevent this night from ending, but all I was able to muster up was, “Do you want another drink?” She quickly said yes, I offered my place with no better option, and before I knew it we were in her car driving one block back to my apartment for at least one more drink before we called it quits.

We got back to my place full of energy. My brother was on a different level than us just chilling on the couch watching football. We could sense it, well she sensed it better than I could smell what she was stepping on when she finally broke the ice. It was only a few sip into our first drink and she asked me, “So can I get a tour of this place?” I don’t know whether it was a line or not but I took it as so. I showed her my brothers room first and finished the tour in my room upstairs.

Almost instinctively she started walking up stairs to my room and never looked back. She asked me if it was this right way as if she didn’t already know the answer already. As soon as I shut my door and turned to her my hands were all over her. All night I have been craving her and whether or not she’s been giving me signs, she was here alone with me here in my room, I had to at least try and kiss her.

Little did I know that one kiss would lead to another and before I knew it we were both tangled in my sheets. She made it clear she was only able to stay for little while and we made the most of the short time we had together. I had to drive two hours into work in about four hours and It didn’t matter to me at all. This was one of the best Wednesday’s I’ve ever had.

I need to get myself to go on some more dates. As of recently, the last couple I’ve been on have been incredible. I don’t know why I keep making all these plans with some friends to hangout and never follow through with the. I’ll never meet anyone like her if I just stay home.

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