Can Someone Please Give Me Braids?

A couple weeks ago I had a friend give me braids for the first time in a wicked long time. She did such an amazing job it’s a shame I don’t have a picture to show them off to you guys. She made me look a million times better on a Sunday morning after two days of letting loose. Honestly I looked terrible that morning and felt even worse, anything would have made me look and feel better. She took my messy bun, braided me up, and instantly turned me from a five to a ten. I loved those braids.

For the last few weeks I’ve been dying to rock them again. Braids are easily my best look and if I could I’d be styling in the braids everyday I would. Even after taking cosmetology for a couple weeks in high school and watching an hours worth of YouTube tutorials on how to do it yourself, I realize I’m incapable of braiding my own hair. It’s impossible and I refuse to believe that people can actually do it to themselves.

The other night we met a group of girls hanging out around the fire at out place. Like I said I’ve been craving braids and wasted no time in asking if any of them knew how to braid hair. Initially they all looked at each other like I was some sort of weirdo. I had to dig myself out of a hole and assure them that this was truthfully no pick up line or in anyway a seductive move of mine. I don’t have any pick up lines, do people have some? I just wanted braids again, and out of the five girls there I figured one of them would know how to braid hair.

After much persuasion and harassment I was finally able to convince one of them to braid my hair. I pulled out my bun, handed her my two hair elastics, and propped up in my chair eager to rock the braids once again. Just as she went to brush the front of my hair with her hands to start, her thumb stabbed me right in the forehead. I didn’t think anything of it until someone asked me if I was okay because they could see blood dripping from where she punctured my forehead.

I quickly wiped the blood clean, brushed my hand dry my sock without checking it to see if there was indeed any blood, completely unaware of the severity of my cut. I didn’t even feel it, I thought my buddy was messing with me, but when she saw what she did to me she stopped what she was doing and gave up. She handed me back my hair elastics, went back to her seat, and was over it. No one else wanted to braid my hair and I was genuinely upset. Truthfully I’m still a little sour about it. Would anyone want to be my personal hair braider? I clearly do it myself, Lord knows I tried. I could use some help taming this mess of hair on my head.

It’s now been four days since I’ve been stabbed by that girls finger nail and it’s not showing nay sings of getting better. I probably should have been stitched up that night. I keep reopening it and ripping the scab off every time it starts to get healthy. I can’t even rub my forehead without screeching in pain. I don’t mean to sound like such a pussy but it seriously hurts. I just hope it doesn’t leave another scar on my face and heals soon.

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