My “Accent”

Lets get this straight, I do not have a Boston accent. I have friends who have wicked thick Boston accents, like the ones you would see in the movies. They’re accents stood out unlike mine. I just sound like your typical Tony Tomato. If it wasn’t for my stutter and my fifth grade vocabulary my accent would blend in with everyone else’s but sadly that isn’t the case.

Ever since I’ve moved to the south people at work seem to recognize my accent. They can tell immediately that I’m not from around here. They start calling me a Yankee and I honestly I take offense to that. I know that’s what they call us Northerns down here but don’t get it twisted. I’m from Boston, I was raised to hate New York. They’re our rivals in every way and I don’t want to be affiliated with them.

I don’t understand how people think I have an accent, like me of all people. If they only heard my parents or some of my friends talk they quickly realize that I don’t have a Boston accent at all. That is until I start drinking. That’s when the Boston accent comes out and when I fulfill the Masshole stereotype.

I start dragging my r’s, cutting words shorter, and slurring my words. I bust more balls, crack more aggressive jokes, and get quick tempered. Those nights people can tell exactly where I’m from. They don’t call me a Yankee, they know I’m from Boston. It makes me cheese cheek to cheek that they were able to recognize my accent

As much as I’ve grown away from Boston it will always be my home. It’s nice to know that it’s always there inside of me. As long as I keep drinking and watching Good Will Hunting on Sundays I may never loose my accent. I’m no Yankee, I’m from Boston and I’ve been fortunate enough it hasn’t gotten me into any trouble yet. It’s only a matter of time until I get annoyed with someone at the bar or I annoy someone enough and there’s an altercation. Hopefully that day never comes again.

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