I Love Five Guys

Five Guys Fridays has been a thing for as long as I can remember. I was a kid when they opened the one in RedStone plaza near my house back home and have been in love with Five Guys ever since. My brothers and I would always start our weekends the right way by stuffing our faces with Five Guys and their perfect large fries. Not only is it filling but every Friday Five Guys satisfied our hunger for the next six hours. I love Five Guys.

I couldn’t have been luckier with where I moved to here in Charlotte. I’m closer now to Five Guys than I’ve ever been before. It’s close enough I think I could hit it with a rock from my apartment if I was able stretched out a little first. It honestly couldn’t be more perfect, by the time I get there my orders usually ready and I only spend about five minutes inside Five Guys waiting for my fries to cook.

Every Friday I go in there it’s the same crew working. Each time I walk in to the pick up spot I’m greeted by the women in the black polo. She tends to be the only one wearing a black polo, I could only assume it meant that she was the one in charge around here. I’m just a sucker for seeing girls at their jobs in the work outfits wherever it may be, scrubs, construction clothes, teachers, i doesn’t matter. I have such a weak spot when I see a girl at work.

I admired how hard she worked, she’d always be in the middle of the line, putting the toppings on a burger, calling out the orders, and asking me and the others our names for the pick up. Her dark brown eyes pulled me in, I thought she was beautiful, and seeing her in charge, multi tasking doing other peoples job, was incredibly attractive to me. I think it’s so elegant, it’s so gorgeous, I find it so stunning, every time I see a girl working I’m a sucker for it.

It’s been a few months now of me going every Friday to seat Five Guys and we’ve yet to have a had any conversation. I tend to only spend five short minutes in Five Guys but I waste it all staring at her, adoring her from a distance, until my order’s ready and I head home. During those five minutes while I stand there, waiting for my order I wonder to myself, how many Troys does she see coming in and out that she hasn’t remembered my face yet? I order the same meal, at almost the same time, every Friday, How has she not recognized me yet? The days she’s not there, and the guy is in charge, he calls out my name as soon asI walk in like, “Troy’s Here.”

I find myself thinking about her every Friday as soon as I get out of work and my stomach begins to growl at me hangrily. Her and Five Guys are the only thing that can satisfy me after such a long week. Even if I don’t get to talk to her at the very least I get to stare at her and I get a stomach full of Five guys.

I keep hoping that maybe one day she’ll finally recognized me and we can finally strike up conversation. I’m totally fine with if she wanted to call me out for eating there so frequently. Do it, just say something to me so I have a chance to make you smile as big as I smile when I stuff my face with a grilled cheese, a bacon dog, and a Viking sized serving of fries. Maybe one day she recognize me, there’s plenty more Friday’s left for me to get a chance with her.

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