Went Looking For My Third Eye And Found A Whispering Eye

I’ve always wanted to open my third eye. I love my devil juice, the devil’s lettuce, and occasionally I enjoy that bogger sugar but have yet to open my third eye. I’m dying to try some psychedelic like shrooms, or LSD, or acid, or something to open my mind. I feel like a pathetic stoner only settling for weed. I need to meet my third eye. I remember one night my roommate got enough shrooms for him and I and two of our friends to try them for the first time, and needless to say I was looking forward to it.

It was a Friday night and all morning at work I was looking forward to going home and taking shrooms with some friends for the first time, excited. As the day went on I found myself questioning whether or not I should take shroom and essentially convincing myself the rest of the afternoon I was going to have a bad trip, and should refrain from taking them that night. I spent the rest of the afternoon, at work, talking myself out of shrooms and finding a girl to spend the night with, almost as an excuse to get out of taking shrooms for the first, without sounding like a total pussy to the guys.

I lucked out that afternoon, a friend of mine I was hanging out with happened to be free that night. She was someone I genuinely liked, I just wish we had better timing than we did. As soon as our spark lit and our fire starting burning, I had to tell her I was leaving states soon and what we had we had to put out almost instantly. It did’t seem to matter to her, she still wanted to see me as much as I wanted to see her until I left and I had no problem with that.

It was dark and rainy that night I was suppose to try shrooms. A perfect excuse for her and I to tuck ourselves in bed and waste the night away with a bottle of wine and some movies. It was actually her idea, I warned her that my roommate was having friends over to take shrooms, the shrooms I chickened out of, but she didn’t care. She found my bed comfortable, my room relaxing, and my company worth enough to want to waste the night with me in my room watching rom coms all night.

While my friends were outside my bedroom door tripping out of their minds for the first time, I spend the night tangled in the sheets with one of my favorite flings. It sucks we had such terrible timing because those nights we spent together, that one in particular, was one I will never forget. I candidly enjoyed my time with her.

I wonder how differently things would be if I have only talked her four months prior when I saw her out at the bar. She lived so close to me I could jog there in ten minutes, walk there in twenty five, and drive there in five. We could have been inseparable. It honestly felt that way. But my life was moving faster than us and I packed my bags and left not just town but the state, totally tarnishing everything that we had or anything we could of possibly had.

I really liked her. She was a little older than me, more mature than me, and would sniff out my bullshit as quickly as I dished it out. Oddly enough I loved the fact that I couldn’t get anything past her she kept me on my toes. But I think she also loved the way I made fun of her and messed with her. We kept each other honest, making fun of each other, taking digs at each other, and spending our nights loving one another. We can just chalk this one up to poor timing.

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