Another Opportunity Missed

It’s been about two weeks now since I got her number. I haven’t talked to anyone as much as I’ve talked to her since the girl I almost date coming up on two years ago. She’s the first girl in a long time that I wake up and immediately text good morning too. She’s the only person that I’ve been able to talk to non stop for two weeks now. The only one that I found myself inserted in. It sucks things have come to an end.

It isn’t officially over yet, but I’ve been here before. I know that our moment has passed. It’s been two weeks and three failed attempts to hangout and I still haven’t seen her in person and I worry that out time has lapsed. I have a terrible history of bad luck where if I talk about something before it happens it actually happens, something I find myself excited about or looking forward to, it inevitably ends up crashing and burning right before my eyes.

It sucks that that’s what’s happening to us. She’s the first girl I actually enjoyed talking to. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to look at my phone and see a name on a text and instantly start a smile. It sucks that we couldn’t find time to hangout because there’s no telling what we could be.

She’s one of the coolest person I’ve met since I’ve been down here and it’s a shame I’ve never truly met her. It kills me that I may never meet her, that I missed my chance to see her and it’s over. I can honestly say I like her for her, and I haven’t even met her yet. It sucks that the way things are going I may never meet her. She’s just another girl that got away.

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