When That Song Plays

Every time that song comes on I think of her. It never comes on the radio, nobody ever plays it, but it finds it’s way on whatever playlist I’m listening too. I’m completely unaware that it’s on there, but when it comes on I can’t help but blast it through my headphones and dance my ass off for the next three minutes.

I close my eyes instantly when the music starts. As soon as he sings into my ears I picture her standing in front of me slowly swing from side to side, letting the beat build, until she inevitably let loose. Her moves pick up dancing faster and faster the louder and louder and quicker and quicker he starts to sing the chorus. Her hips are sway side from to side, her arms are moving in unison, and it was such an incredible sight.

Then once the beat drops, and the music comes back in, that’s when set of the fireworks in my stomach. She’d dance there, with her hair down, waving in back in forth in perfect rhythm with the song. Only covering half of her smile at a time. I couldn’t help but take a step back to stare at her, admiring her. I think I’ve only danced with her once maybe twice, mostly I’ve just watched her in awe. I truly believe that that song was made for her. Her moves were so synchronized, her hair waved back and forth perfectly on beat, you’d couldn’t tell me otherwise. She was the most beautiful when she was dancing because she smiling with the song. It was one of the most beautiful smiles Ive ever seen her smile. I was fortunate enough to be the beneficiary just lucky enough to be there watching her dance like no one was watching, marveling at her.

Every time this song comes on now I can’t help myself but mimicking her dance moves. I stand in front of the mirror with my hair down, like she did, waving it back and forth to the music pretending to dance like her. (Obviously no where near as proficient as she was) Even now, when I close my eyes and that song comes on, I picture her right in front of me cheesing from cheek to cheek looking happier than ever dancing to her favorite song.

I see her staring at me smiling through the hair in front of her eyes while it waved back an forth with the beat. Her smile is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. I didn’t care if I was dancing off beat, I was so caught up in staring into her eyes I couldn’t focus on dancing. I just lucky enough to be there dancing. I wouldn’t be able to dance and talk with her, not during this song. I could barely dancing and breath. She looks so good. She has always been an incredible dancer but there was something about that song and something about the way it mad her feel, it made it hat much more special when she danced to it.

Every time it comes on I think of her. I get lost in a bliss for those three minutes, thinking about her, and I couldn’t be happier. Truthfully it’s one of my favorite songs. To this day I couldn’t tell you what that guy sings about even now after hearing it almost a million times, I don’t know what he’s singing about. All I know is that it gave her the biggest smile on her face. The biggest I’ve ever seen every time it came one. And theres nothing better than when she would grab my hand to dance with her, even if I was off beat.

I love that song.

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