It Happened

It finally happened. After all these years of thinking about it and speaking it into existence, like the law of attraction states, I’ve finally found myself in my first three way. It wasn’t planned, none of us had any intentions of having one that night, we hangout as friends. it just seemed to happened. It finally happened.

I went out to meet a friend of mine at a bar. Last time I met her out she was with a bunch of her friends, I had no idea what to expect this time when I showed up. When I got to the bar I grabbed myself a vodka Redbull and heading outside to look for her or at least a large group of girls. Assuringly enough for me it was just her and one of her friends, far less pressure as compared to the last time I hung out with her.

We simply drank. We all were already decently buzzed before we even got there and only increased the numbness in our faces while we were there. I couldn’t believe how much eye contact we all shared. I don’t think any of us looked away from each other the entire time. I was staring at my friend that invited me, but when her friend would talk me eyes became glued to her. Just as their eyes were locking with each other they were locking with mine, seductively.

Both of them excited me physically. My friend that invited me to hangout looked even more beautiful than the last I saw her. She was rocking a couple necklaces, which is one of my ultimate weakness, and all I wanted to do was to get my hands on her again. Her friend wore this white crop top that looked like it was made specifically for her. It fit her perfectly and I have to admit she looked incredible. The sexual tension increased with each drink and each moment that passed by.

Maybe it was all the eye contact or maybe it was the alcohol flowing through our veins but we got lost in our own world. The night felt like it was ours. We wasted the night getting wasted laughing together until it was finally last call. None of us were ready to let the night end, as far as we were concerned we were just getting started.

I offered to hangout to hangout at my apartment, since it was right around the corner, and they looked at each other almost to confirm their decision silently, and agreed to come over. Her friend drove us, in hindsight drunk, back to my place. Truthfully it was my best idea but I had a feeling how the night was going and was caught up in the moment. Fortunately we made it back to my apartment in on piece and scurried our to my place. We stopped in the kitchen just long enough for me to mix a couple mixies for us and then promptly headed upstairs to my room.

I can’t tell you how things started, I don’t remember sadly how things started, but once her friend put on music we were lost together. Our drinks were on the floor next to our clothes and I had four legs wrapped in my arms. This was it, I finally was having a three way. I tried not to pick a favorite. Honestly that night I was hooked on both of them. I didn’t spend too much time with one of them or make anyone feel inferior, I wanted to make this special, it is special. I mean it’s special to me.

But it seemed like as soon as thing started to heat up my friend wanted to shut it down. Out of the blue she sat up form the bed and said, “I’m not comfortable with this.” Then rolled over and shut us out. We all laid there naked in my bed, her friend and I completely caught off guard wondering what the hell happened.

I took it personally. At the very least she was the one that invited me out, if I was favoring anyone I made sure it was her. There’s no way I could have messed that up. Her ending things so quickly hurt my ego significantly. The worst part about it was she rolled over and didn’t say another word. Why did things end so abruptly?

Meanwhile her friend and I still had our engines going. I wasn’t able to stop. Her and I spent the rest of the night making out like middle schoolers trying not to disturb our friend that was passed out behind me. I barely slept, I actually overslept. I woke up late for work the next morning with one hand inside of her friend and the other on her chest while my friend that invited me out was still passed out behind me. I sprang out of bed, grabbed my clothes to res downstairs, and raced to work reeking of alcohol and pussy.

My first three way was far from anything I dreamed it to be. You could almost call it a disaster. I always imagined it to be something I’ll never forget. Something that the people I’m with, enjoy it just as much as me. I wound up having a night to remember that for sure, a night wondering what could have been. I don’t think any of us woke up that morning satisfied with how things went last night and I feel like there’s no one to blame but myself. I had my chance at my first three way and I blew it. Who knows if I’ll ever get another chance.

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