The Art Of Using A Porta Potty

If you can, avoid the Porta Potty as much as you can. They can be the grossest place in Earth. One of the worst one I’ve seen had castle of shit stacked all the way to the brim of the bowl. I walked right out and held my piss for the next six hours until I was home. They’re disgusting.

Seldom have I ever seen a prison, freshly dropped Porta Potty. The one time I did, I ran to it forcing myself to pump one out, just to say I actually shit in a Porta Potty. Nowadays I only use the one that have the urinal on the side so I don’t have to stare down into a swamp of feces.

If you can’t hold it any longer and succumb to your bladder please take precaution. You’re not paying for the toilet people so feel free to use as much as you want. First you have to cover the basin with at least two layers of toilet paper. I mean know one wants to sit down knowing there’s a pile of other peoples shit that could potentially blow back onto your own ass. Cover it up. Next apply another three layers around the entire toilet seat.

Then at that point you are ready to go, if you really want too. That is if you can stand the smell of everyones lunch from the last week engulfing the room. One of the perks about using a Porter Potty is there’s curly enough heat coming for the swamp it kind of warms your butt a little bit. It’s a disgustingly pleasurable feeling.

Personally my days of shitting in a Porter Potty are over. I’ve been training my body to hold it all in for eight hours until I get home. If I get home and don’t immediately run for the bathroom, things get a little messy around the house. Almost as messy as a Porter Potty. At least it’s just my mess and not anyone else.

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